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Parking Services Online

Parking Services Online Upgrades

Parking Services has been a customer of T-2 parking management system for nearly 20 years. T-2 Systems is an important component of the Parking Services website. Besides providing information about Parking Services, our website allows you to manage your parking account, purchase a permit and pay or appeal a parking citation.

With the assistance of ITS, portions of T-2 and PeopleSoft have been integrated. You can log into your parking account using your 9 digit SJSU ID and your SJSUOne password. That's one less password for you to memorize and user security is increased.

The integration also allows T-2 to import information from PeopleSoft to identify a person's affiliation with SJSU. This means you are provided with a permit selection and pricing that is tailored for you.

The payment portion of our online services web page has been updated, making it easier to navigate and understand.

There are "buttons" to click on, instead of links. We've added a shopping basket feature that makes it easier for you to keep track of your shopping and payments. We've added upgrades behind the scenes to increase credit card security. You can also remove vehicles from your parking account online now.

We hope you find these upgrades to our website helpful.