Facilities Development & Operations

Campus Village 2 Construction

Construction of Campus Village 2 is progressing, with piles, foundations and utilities connections underway.  In late December a very large crane will be installed to facilitate the above grade construction of the building. While the crane will pass over CVC and the Aquatic Center, please know that no material or load will pass over the facilities and the crane will be operated with utmost of safety in mind.

Insert picture: Below is a diagram showing where the crane will be located.

Key Pick-up

For your convenience, FD&O has moved this function to the front reception desk (1st floor entrance, 9th & San Fernando; near Boyce Gate).  In addition to a new location, we have implemented extended hours for the first two weeks of each semester until 7pm.  Faculty, staff and students may pick-up keys and drop-off key requests at this new location. Our hours of operation are from 8:00am to 12:00pm & 1:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  

Student Union Remodel Update

The old Student Union is currently under renovation, which unfortunately generates noise, odors and congestion. During the past month, the contractor did roofing work which caused unpleasant odors because of the roofing materials. While an unpleasant smell, these odors did not present health or safety concerns for the campus. 

Student Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC)

In order to gain information about what our students want to see in the Student Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC), we sent a questionnaire to all currently enrolled students. We will also be having a town hall meeting for students to discuss the results of the survey and to gain more knowledge in an effort to facilitate the design process for the project (December 2nd, 4-6pm, in the Student Union Theater). The design process will happen concurrently with construction of the new residence hall, with construction of the SRAC beginning Summer 2016 when the residence hall is complete.

Morris Daily Auditorium Closure

Morris Daily Auditorium was recently closed due to a structural safety concern. FD&O recently investigated what appeared to be ceiling tiles that were sagging. Unfortunately the review indicated that not only were the tiles sagging, but the structure was also in jeopardy. A structural consultant was brought in to review the situation and concurred that the building should be unoccupied until a remedy to the structural system was designed, approved, and constructed. Complicating factors are a very high ceiling, the historic nature of the building, and asbestos which will require specialized handling to ensure safety. Given the complexity of the project, the downtime is not fully known at this point. Departments are being advised to prepare for the worst case scenario which will require closure into the winter semester. We realize this closure will cause substantial scheduling challenges, but we will be working as quickly as possible to allow for reopening.