IT Services

Wi-Fi Network Update

IT Services is continuously working to improve wireless (Wi-Fi) service on campus. Our goal is to make it easier and safer for students, faculty and staff to connect and use the wireless network on campus.

SJSU Wi-Fi coverage has more than doubled on campus while dramatically increasing the speed, throughput and capacity of our wireless network. Most recent changes on the wireless network were the conversions of the new Student Union, 210 N. 4th Street and Morris Dailey/Tower Hall.

Future planned changes include South Campus buildings, the King Library, as well as the new Student Health and Counseling Center (SHCC) opening in March 2015.

IT Services continues to tune and enhance the network to enable the most effective service based on usage and traffic patterns. Recent efforts include high-density areas such as Morris Dailey 101 with 800 seats and the Student Union dining areas and ballroom.

As a reminder, there are no personal routers allowed on campus. If you are having trouble connecting to SJSU wireless, you find a dead zone, or have any questions about Wi-Fi service, contact the IT Help Desk at (408) 924-1530 or email us. We'll help get you connected! 

Digital Sign Example
Digital Signs

The SJSU Digital Sign Service, launched a few months ago, is deploying its pilot customers. The Digital Sign Service allows the user to dynamically display and update a range of content types on the target screens remotely, including web pages, slide shows and video. The display feature also supports composites of the different content types allowing the creation of visually interesting and appealing displays.

Display devices are usually large format digital screens (signs) in prominent locations. Content generation technology includes the popular OUCampus software as well as the ubiquitous HTML. More information about this project can be seen at Digital Signage.

The project is now underway and IT Services invites you to participate. If you are interested in learning more about this project, or displaying information for your area, please contact Mike Wardley, the Director of User Experience and IT Projects.

SJSU Phone Options
SJSU Phone Options

There are multiple options available for voice and video calls using the SJSU Unified Communication system. While the use of a physical phone is a popular option, there is increasing interest in using Jabber, a "soft-phone" - software that runs on Windows or Mac computers and has mobile apps available in the App Store for Apple devices and in Google Play for Android devices. For many who don't spend much time in an office on campus, using Jabber provides the location flexibility of making and answering calls anywhere without the need to have a phone handset. A full review of the feature comparisons of the options is available at Cisco Unified Communication Devices.

If you are interested in changing your communication device, adding Jabber to your workstation, or learning more about using the features of Unified Communications, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (408) 924-1530.