Facilities Development & Operations

Student Wellness Center Rendering
Capital Planning Update

We are making great progress on a large number of major capital projects. We realize it has been tough on the campus to navigate all the construction fences, but we have good news. By this summer three of our four projects should be complete, which will open the campus back up in a tremendous way. The details of these are below:

Student Wellness Center

The Student Health and Counseling Center has been renamed the Student Wellness Center. It has the fortunate distinction of being the perfect trifecta - it's on budget, ahead of schedule, and will be a very beautiful addition to our campus. The project broke ground a little over a year ago and will be complete and ready for occupancy this March.

Student Union – Renovation of Old Union

The second phase of this project is making progress, with an expected completion of fall 2015. We are trying to advance the schedule to be open at the end of summer, but we will not know if this is possible for a couple of months. We'll keep you posted.

Spartan Complex/YUH

YUH was completed this past year with the SPX portion of the project planned for completion at the end of this summer.

Campus Village 2

Construction is moving along well, with a planned completion date of end of summer 2016.

Student Recreation & Aquatic Center

The Student Recreation & Aquatic Center is in the planning and design stage. The construction start date is scheduled for summer 2016, with an expected project completion date of summer 2018.


2013/14 Sustainability Report

FD&O recently published the 2013/14 Campus Sustainability Report (PDF) and it is now online.    

Following are some highlights:

  • Since 2009, major energy projects, such as lighting, building, and chiller plant upgrades, have saved approximately 58,000 megawatt-hours (MWh), 2.3 million therms, and $11 million dollars in utility costs. These projects over their lifetime will save almost $38.5 million dollars in utility costs, 200,000 MWh in electricity and 7.7 million therms of natural gas.
  • Ongoing energy savings programs, such as monitoring-based commissioning and demand side management, save 11,000 MWh, 350,000 therms, and almost $2 million annually.
  • Major water projects implemented have reduced water usage by 28%. Converting irrigation, indoor plumbing and cooling tower water to recycled water has saved 480 million gallons of water and more than $3 million. Low flow fixtures are expected to save an additional 20 million gallons of water over their lifetime.
  • Ongoing recycled water usage will continue to save our campus 52 million gallons and $700,000 annually.
  • Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since 2010 have been reduced by a total of 726 metric tons with further reductions anticipated as more energy efficient projects and buildings are completed.
  • The Student Union expansion was completed in the Summer 2014, built to LEED Gold standards and includes 125 kV solar photovoltaic panels that will generate 100,000 kWh per year.
  • Spartan Shops achieved a 12% reduction in food waste. They successfully changed sourcing of all supply-stream with tableware that is recycled or compostable, meats and produce that are locally grown and sustainable, and seafood that is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.


Tower Lawn – Mulberry Tree Replacement

As you may have noticed, the mulberry trees on the southwest side of Tower Lawn were recently replaced. This was the final phase of replacement of the mulberry trees around Tower Lawn that were replaced due to the age and health of the prior trees. FDO has been growing the replacement trees at south campus to facilitate this planned replacement.


Facilities Management – Student Housing

Management of the facilities of student housing was transitioned from the Housing department to FD&O effective January 2015. This was done to provide more support for the housing personnel doing maintenance as well as to allow Housing management more time to focus on Student Life rather than maintenance of the facilities.