Facilities Development & Operations

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Student Wellness Center

The SWC is now complete, with a planned opening in June!

Recycling and Downstream Waste Separation

The campus does a tremendous job of ensuring the vast majority of our waste does not end up in a landfill. Our recycling efforts have moved our diversion rate up from 59% to 83%, through the recycling of paper, cardboard, cans & bottles, metal, wood, toner cartridges, electronics, batteries, and appliances. The improvement is the result in part of a “Single Stream Recycling Center”. The contents of all our trash and recycling containers are delivered to a sorting facility where the trash is separated, sorted and weighed. As such, there is no longer a need to separate the materials on campus, so we will be removing the recycling containers. However, we will affix labels to our trash containers indicating that we use  “Single Stream Recycling”  so everyone knows they no longer need to separate trash from recycling. We are also looking to add a compactor at south campus which will enable us to move further improve our diversion rate to over 90%.

Water Conservation and Drought

At San Jose State, we must do our part do conserve whenever possible, as we are in the midst of a severe drought. Fortunately, the campus is already well positioned to help as we use recycled water for all of our landscaping, and for the toilets in a number of our buildings. Please visit our Sustainability Report (PDF) for more detail on all of our efforts.

Elevator Permits

Some of you may have noticed that our elevator permits have expired. This does not mean our elevators are unsafe or should not be used. The state inspection office is behind in their processing of permits, however, all of our elevators are inspected each month by a state licensed elevator mechanic.

Facilities Customer Service and Building Representatives

Facilities Customer Service

The Facilities Customer Service (FCS) department (previously called Work Control/Service Desk) is open 7:30 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding university holidays. All facility related issues should go through FCS.

FCS staff is trained to understand facility related problems and forward issues to the department that can most appropriately attend to the issue.

  • Phone: (408) 924-1990. Call us to report facility emergencies.
  • Email: workcontrol@sjsu.edu. Email communications should be used for reporting concerns and inquiries. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue or question.
  • iServiceDesk: (admtma.sjsu.edu). The online iServiceDesk form should be used for submitting non-emergency service requests as well as for checking on the progress on previously submitted service requests.

Building Representatives

The primary role of a Building Representative (BR) is to act as a communication conduit between FD&O and building occupants. Building Representatives are responsible for relaying information from FD&O to appropriate building occupants, and for providing a central point of contact for students or staff wishing to report building problems to FD&O.

Issues sometimes go unreported for extended periods of time because people may assume others have reported an issue or don’t know how to report it. Each building on campus now has an officially designated Building Representative.

While BR's are not responsible for managing the building, or managing the repair or project work done in the building, their role as a communication liaison is extremely important. A list of the BR’s is being finalized and will be put up on the FDO website in the near future.

Bike Racks Moving

This summer the campus will be moving some of the bike racks to ensure they are located before dismount zones. As well, we will be adding more racks to ensure that there is sufficient bike parking. Everyone's efforts to lock bikes to appropriate bike racks is much appreciated. Bikes should not be locked to trees, benches, handrails or any other item that causes damage or prevents access to the campus.