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TelePresence Conference Rooms

What is TelePresence? TelePresence is high definition videoconferencing, which allows people to feel as if they are present at a remote meeting with people from another location. This technology works over the Web and allows instructors to bring external professors, industry experts, and other participants to their classroom electronically. We call these rooms Next Generation Learning Spaces.

IT Services is working with departments across campus to bring the technology closer to you – our users. Currently, we have 11 rooms that can serve your TelePresence needs and three mobile units that IT Services can set up for you to use in any room.  

Mobile TelePresence units provide state-of-the-art mobile video conferencing, TelePresence, for faculty and staff on campus. The mobile units include a camera, microphones, audio controls, video display, and a simple control system. This project is a collaborative effort with input from faculty in the Colleges and IT Services. Training materials and workshops will be available to users and support staff in an effort to support effective use of the technology.

Please visit Next Generation Learning Spaces for more information.


MySJSU website
Spring Cleaning for

We heard you!  After feedback from focus groups, IT Services has launched an update to the website that seeks to enhance user experience. The MySJSU page has more than a million visitors per year, making it one of the pages on campus with the highest amount of traffic.

Updates are made based upon user feedback from the university community, website accessibility requirements, and user behavior analysis. It will remain an enhanced gateway page to applications, information, and self-help technical assistance. Our aim is to make it easier and faster for you to find what is most relevant and meaningful.

The new look and feel of the website is Phase 1 of the bigger MySJSU website update project. Phase 2 will be rolling out sometime during the Fall 2015 semester.

The MySJSU website update project is ongoing and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can make the site better! If you are interested in joining the conversation, please attend our discussion sessions around the MySJSU webpage.

Please let us know your availability through this Doodle Poll – we would love to hear from you and will schedule more focus group sessions.

Doodle poll link:

Workstation Refresh Program gearing up to complete first year of Faculty/Staff Refresh

The Workstation Refresh Program provides student labs, faculty and staff, with the latest in computing technology. Through this program, new desktops, laptops, tablets and a virtual desktop infrastructure will replace aging equipment found on campus today.

This year, the workstation refresh program is focused on replacing out of date machines for Faculty and Staff. As of March, more than 800 desktops, 700 monitors and 300 laptops have replaced with updated equipment.

IT Services is excited to bring the latest in desktop technology to SJSU faculty. We will work with the system administrators in each area to purchase, schedule and refresh equipment. If you have not already placed your faculty/staff order for the 14/15 fiscal year, or you still have a lab that needs to be addressed, please make sure to contact your department AVP, Associate Dean or the ITS workstation refresh coordinator before May 1st. Orders placed after May 1st will be processed next Fiscal Year, so get your orders in soon!

Additionally, IT Services provides automatic updates to keep your computers current with IBM Endpoint Manager and free recycling and disk destruction to recycle your old machine easily and securely with our Disposition and Recycling Services.

Visit the Workstation Refresh Program for more information.

Information Security Audit Update

San Jose State University was selected by the Chancellor's Office to complete an Information Security Audit April through May. Preparation for this audit already started. All IT departments on campus had an initial meeting with the Information Security Office regarding what to expect as well a 21-item Information Security Risk Assessment. 

Auditors will arrive on Campus on April 6, 2015, and perform field work for 6 weeks to conduct the audit. During this time the campus will undergo a penetration test from a third party as well as participate in interviews held by the Auditors. We ask the IT Departments to work with the Information Security Office as they arrange meetings with the auditors.

The campus has published a set of Draft Information Security Standards and initiated the SJSU Information Security Awareness Training. For more information on Information Security Projects visit the Information Security Web Site.

Digital Signs
Digital Signs Pilot Success

Digital Signs with remote update access have been deployed to 26 locations across campus with positive customer feedback. The SJSU Digital Sign Service is delivering centrally administered and remotely managed informational digital displays across all the campus buildings, with a target implementation of 100 signs by summer of 2015.

An additional 14 locations are scheduled for deployment in the upcoming weeks. Enhanced functionality supporting content from Prezi presentations (Prezi is a web based software solution for creating presentations as an alternative to MS PowerPoint), twitter feeds for user specified hashtags, automated content transitions, remote views of signs for content administrators, and interactive content are being developed and implemented. We invite you to participate!

If you do not see a digital sign in the lobby of your department’s building and are interested in displaying information for your area, please fill out the customer request form. Let us get you started with your Digital Sign!