Facilities Development & Operations

A Message from FD&O

In addition to routine preventative maintenance repairs work orders, FD&O currently has 125 projects underway, totaling in excess of 400 million dollars.  There is a lot going on at San Jose State and we certainly try to do our work in a way that is least disruptive to the campus as possible. While we can’t possibly inform the campus about all the projects, we try to inform about impending ones that might have impact that warrant advance notice.  Below are some projects that we think would be helpful to know about.

Concrete Work North of West Parking Garage:

The sidewalk running on the north side of the west parking garage, from 4th street to AS House, will be closed down until mid-August. ADA ramps that do not meet code are being replaced. There will also be repair to concrete that is upheaving from tree roots, as well as the widening of the walkway to aid with congestion. Please refer to the Construction Site Fencing Map (Summer 2015) (PDF) for specific fence line locations.

Student Union Nears Completion:

As the Student Union nears its completion date of this fall, we will be doing concrete work on the northeast section between Industrial Studies and the Student Union. The exact dates of this work are still being determined, but this will likely be done in late June or early July.

Underground Utility Work:

During the Spring of 2016, FD&O will be doing twelve utility projects to support Campus Village 2, the new Student Recreation & Aquatics Center, and further recycled water, among other things. The initial exploratory work such as potholing and backhoe exploration will begin this summer. This will be between 4th and 9th and also San Salvador and San Carlos. We have an aging underground utility infrastructure that we are systematically trying to upgrade to ensure uninterrupted service to the campus.

City of San Jose Sewer Line Work Interrupting Traffic:

Beginning in July, the City of San Jose's Department of Public Works will be upsizing, removing and replacing the existing sewer main which is over 100 years old. The project will also include the removal and replacement or rehabilitation of existing manholes. 

The 11th Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement project will impact 11th, E. San Salvador, E. William and Martha Streets. Work on 11th Street will be done during the summer, weekends and off-peak hours. For more information about this project, please contact the Department of Public Works with the City of San Jose.