University Police Department

Rave Alert

UPD recently purchased a new Emergency Alert platform called Rave Alert. This new system will replace Blackboard Connect and provides an easy and effective way to send broadcast or targeted messages across different communications modes. 

Users will see virtually no change to the system and will continue to receive Emergency messages from the university via text, email and voice. The new system has enhanced capabilities for smartphone and tablet users. It will also allow UPD to connect with social networking sites, websites, digital signage, PA siren systems and RSS feeds. 

Currently students are "Opt Out." This means that when a student enrolls, his or her contact information is automatically loaded into the system. For faculty, staff and administrators, the system is "Opt In." We request that all SJSU employees go to MySJSU and take a minute to update information in AlertSJSU. With updated information, the system will work more reliably and will help us with our continued desire to keep our community safe.