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Water Fountain
Beat the Heat

San Jose has experienced an unusually lengthy hot spell these past few weeks and some classroom and office occupants have felt it more than others. Buildings, like Industrial Studies, Dudley Moorhead Hall and Natural Science did not have Central Air Conditioning systems built into them when they were constructed back in the 1950's and 1960's. 

Students, faculty and staff have found ways to beat the heat by closing windows and doors to trap the cool morning air inside the buildings. FD&O placed fans in rooms to generate air movement. In addition, many occupants saw Provost Feinstein, Deputy Provost Cal Kemnitz and Interim Vice President for A&F, Josee Larochelle, push a water cart from classroom to classroom, offering relief with bottles of icy cold water.

It can be warm and uncomfortable, but as a group, we will find a way to work through it. FD&O is working with Academic Affairs to address the problem both in the short term and long term for academic spaces that are most impacted by the heat.

In the meantime, warm days are still in the forecast, so prepare by wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing such as cotton, and drinking lots of water.