Facilities Development & Operations

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Dudley Moorehead Hall

The university has prioritized renovating Dudley Moorehead Hall for air conditioning. This is a tremendous opportunity to improve our academic program space in support of student success and supporting our faculty who have offices in this building. Plans are underway to begin this project following the Spring 2016 term.

Student Union
Student Union Renovation

Completion work to the Student Union is progressing well. The goal is to open the building in support of the Spring 2016 term. The Spartan Bookstore will remain in its current location for the Spring term rush.

Campus Village Phase II

The outside structure of Campus Village Phase II is close to completion.  Now the work will turn to the inside of the building. The project is on schedule and should be ready to support students for Fall 2016.


Aquatic Center
Student Recreation and Aquatic Center

The planning is nearly complete for this significant student space. The Student Recreation and Aquatic Center project will go to the Board of Trustees for final construction approval in May 2016 which will enable construction to begin in Summer 2016.