University Police Department

Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Safety Reminders

As the semester draws to a close and we get busy preparing for finals and the holidays, we want to offer reminders about keeping ourselves and our community safe. We have in place a number of resources designed to keep you safe and informed of potential threats to our community.

Here are a few programs that we encourage you to use:

1) AlertSJSU is our campus' primary emergency notification system. It's purpose is to quickly disseminate emergency information via text message, email or voicemail to the campus community during critical incidents. AlertSJSU is an opt out program for students; opt in for faculty and staff. Log in to MySJSU to sign up or review your designated contact numbers. If you wish to receive text messages, it is important to ensure that a cell phone number is listed in the appropriate profile.

2) Download Rave Guardian - Rave Guardian is a mobile safety application which enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and the University Police Department (UPD). Features include:

  • Panic Button – Direct and immediate connection to the UPD with GPS location and personal profile information.
  • Send a Tip – Enables anonymous, 2-way, crime tip reporting through text and images
  • Personal Guardians & Safety Timer – Users can identify UPD, friends, and family as “Guardians” when setting a Rave Guardian Safety Timer.

3)  Run, Hide, Defend Training - The University Police Department recently facilitated three Run, Hide, Defend active shooter response workshops, which were well attended. Additional sessions will be scheduled in the coming months. Information on additional programs available to campus can be found on the University Police Department website.

4) UPD’s dispatch number 408-924-2222 - Be sure that UPD’s dispatch number, 408-924-2222, is programmed into your mobile phone. Please note that dialing 9-1-1 from your cell phone will connect you to the nearest public emergency dispatcher, not SJSU’s (although the call will be routed to UPD with a slight delay).  Dialing 9-1-1 from a campus phone will connect you directly with UPD.

A number of campus security projects are in progress. Upgrades to the existing external blue light phones are in process, along with a state of the art building interior mass notification system to quickly communicate safety concerns to campus.

The VP Office of Administration and Finance will send periodic communications to campus to share the progress of these and other campus safety programs. 

Testing of Campus Emergency Broadcast System Scheduled

The University Police department will conduct testing of the Campus Emergency Broadcast System Thursday, December 3 through Friday December 11. This testing only involves campus VoIP phones. Cell phones and analog phones are not part of the test and will not receive the broadcast.

Our campus Emergency Services Coordinator, Andrés Acevedo, has coordinated this test with designated Senior Building Coordinators, who will disseminate detailed instruction to occupants of those buildings included in this test.

Ten campus buildings are included in the planned testing. The first round of testing is scheduled Thursday, December 3rd and includes the following buildings:

Thursday, December 3

Student Services Center
Simpkins Athletic Building
Business Tower
Engineering Building
AS House

What to Expect

The actual test will involve the speaker on the desk phone automatically turning on, followed by a short audio announcement.  Concurrently with the audio announcement an alert message will appear the phone’s screen.

In the event you are not at your desk when your building test takes place, you may return to see an alert message on your phone’s screen. To clear the message, press the “exit” soft button on the phone. No additional action is needed.

Thank you for your assistance in testing this extremely important safety communication tool. Should you have any questions, please contact Andrés Acevedo at 408-924-2242.

911 System Map

911 System Mapping

The University Police Department recently implemented GIS Mapping software that automatically plots the GPS (Longitude/Latitude) coordinates of 9-1-1 calls received by the UPD Communication Center. The Sun Ridge Systems software provides “In-Station Mapping” that shows the dispatchers a computer generated map location where the 9-1-1 caller is calling from. This may help decrease the response times of emergency personnel and helps authenticate the caller’s location.

The implementation of the mapping software is UPD’s first step in preparing to accept 9-1-1 cellular calls. This is part of a nationwide preparation for Next Generation 9-1-1, which will more accurately locate 9-1-1 caller locations.  Currently, 9-1-1 cellular caller locations are determined by which cellular towers the call is received by.  In the future, 9-1-1 cellular calls will be located by GPS coordinates which are significantly more accurate. This will allow emergency personnel to quickly find the caller’s location. 

Additionally, when UPD personnel are assigned to a call-for-service, their location is also mapped on the dispatcher’s computer screen.  This provides a visual image so dispatchers can dispatch the closest units to an incoming call.

This mapping software also integrates with the department’s Records Management System.  This allows for service call types to be plotted on a “pin map” for crime analysis.  This gives UPD a better ability to identify crime trends and their locations.  By improving our ability to identify the specific details to crime trends, UPD can better allocate resources to combat the trend.