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2016 HR Calendars Online

Just a can find a variety of calendars on the HR website. These should help you plan both personally and professionally. 

2016 Direct Deposit Calendar 

2016 Holiday Calendar 

2016 Master Payroll Calendar 

2016 Master Payroll Cutoff Dates 

2016 Student Payroll Calendar 

HR Training Calendar: January - March 2016

The new HR Training Calendar for January - March 2016 is posted on the HR website. We have a broad range of professional and personal development learning opportunities to support university managers and staff.  Some highlights include:

  • Stepping Beyond Customer Services Training - February 12th
  • CalPERS Future Planning - February 17th
  • Intro to the Skillport Learning Library - February 25th
  • Problem Solving - March 16th

For registration instructions, please see the HR Training webpage. Contact Julie Inouye Wong at 408-924-2256 if you have questions or suggestions for future training topics.

W2 Tax Form
W-2 Reminders

W-2s ​were printed and have been mailed out by the State Controller’s Office. You should have received yours by the end of January. The mailing addresses used were those on file with Human Resources as of December 10, 2015.

​If you changed your address after the December 10th cutoff date, and are unable to obtain your W-2 from your previous address, you may request a duplicate W-2 from the State Controller’s Office using the Duplicate Wage and Tax Statement Request form.

For any questions or issues, please call Human Resources ​at​ (408) 924-2250.

Woman Stretching
As part of the campus ergonomics program, Stretch Break is now available for SJSU employees.

We all know we're not supposed to remain seated for hours on end, and that we can get more done by taking frequent short breaks to keep our bodies fresh and our minds alert. Stretch Break reminds computer users to stand up, walk a bit, or stretch at regular intervals.

Stretch Break's interface is intuitive, and users should have no trouble configuring the program to their liking, but a built-in Help file includes plenty of information about the program's functions. The Options menu contains everything within a single screen, making it easy to navigate. When the program is active, an animated figure demonstrates each stretch, moving automatically to the next one. The program contains 36 different stretching exercises, and users can set the number of stretches per break and select which exercises they want to use. Music can be played during or between stretches or turned off completely. A variety of schedules and alerts are available, so users can customize their stretching routine. Optional ergonomic tips can be shown after each stretch break to help users work more comfortably and safely.

Stretch Break is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This is an optional program that University employees may consider installing on their work and/or home computer.

Please visit the Ergonomics webpage and click the Stretch Break Software button to start the installation process. You will be prompted to create an IT help desk ticket using your SJSU email address and password. Within 48 hours of completing the IT help desk ticket, your local IT rep will contact you for installation assistance. If you wish to download the software on your home computer, you can use the link provided via email.

Please contact Michaux Burchard with any questions about Stretch Break or the Ergonomic program. We would love to get your feedback on the process of software installation as well as the software itself.

Enjoy your stretches!

Student Employment Guide for Hiring Departments

We have various student employment programs at San José State, which are governed by federal, state, CSU and campus employment laws, policies and practices.

We have compiled all the necessary information to hire a student employee in one guide. The guide also contains links for forms and references that can aid you in fostering a professional and educational environment for student employees.

See the HR website for Student Employment Guide for Hiring DepartmentsStudent Assistant Appointment Form, and the Student Appointment Letter

We hope you find this new tool useful and encourage you to reach out to Your HR Representatives for Employee Services or Payroll if you have any questions.