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Dining Commons Erase Waste Update

The Fall 2015 Erase Waste Campaign was successful in passing our 5% food waste reduction goal. Throughout the semester, students in the Dining Commons were educated about the negative environmental impacts of food waste through tabling sessions, events, and infographics posted throughout the DC. Meal plan holders did such a great job at cutting back on food waste that they reduced food waste by 16% from the previous semester’s total. Since the Erase Waste campaign started in Fall 2013, food waste has been reduced in the DC by a total of 40%!

Food Donations

Over the course of the Fall 2015 semester, excess food from eateries on campus was donated to the Peer Connections Breakfast Club and local shelters around campus. Before winter break, food donations from all Spartan Shops eateries were taken to two branches of InnVision Shelters and United States Mission Shelter. InnVision Shelters provide interim housing to women, children, and single adults. The United States Mission Shelter provides a clean and sober home for homeless individuals seeking self-help work.

Dining Services Team - Welcome!

Director Dining Services
Ryan Ptucha, Interim Director Dining Services

Ryan Ptucha began his journey in the food service business over 18 years ago. Like many Spartan Shops’ employees, he also attended San Jose State University. In 2007, Ryan joined Spartan Shops as the manager of the Village Market, Campus Village and quickly took on oversight of multiple retail outlets, including the opening of Just Below, MacQuarrie Hall in 2010. Ryan became the Assistant Director of Residential Dining in 2011, then transitioned in July of 2014 to oversee the successful opening and operation of nine retail outlets in Union Square, Student Union. Since taking on the role of Interim Director of Dining Services, Ryan has continued to work towards the successful opening of both Subway and Starbucks, (due spring of 2016). In his spare time Ryan enjoys spending time with his family and friends, as well as exploring the booming business of locally sourced foods, along with locally crafted micro-brews.

Dining Commons Head Chef
Mario DeLuca, Dining Commons Head Chef

Chef Mario DeLuca has been working in the restaurant business for over 19 years. With a passion for food and working with people, he began his career with Levy Restaurants working in sports arenas across America.  He was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago and relocated to the Bay Area about five years ago. Mario was hired in 2013 to build our self branded concepts in Union Square, Student Union. Recently he was transferred to the Dining Commons as the Head Chef, where he continues to bring a breadth of experience and works to improve the food quality for our students.

Dining Commons Sous Chef
Adrian Farmer, Dining Commons Sous Chef

Chef Adrian Farmer grew up in a large family where early on she learned that food was an essential ingredient for bringing family and friends together. She studied at San Jose State University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in TV and Film. After she graduated she followed her passion and went to culinary school where she earned her culinary certificate. Adrian has over 10 years of cooking experience and in 2013 her creative path led her back to SJSU when she was hired on as the Kitchen Production Lead for the Dining Commons. In December of 2015 she was promoted to Sous Chef where she continues to be a vital part of the DC masterminds that create flavorful menus for our students. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with friends and family visiting coffee shops.

Union Square Sous Chef
Kris Rucker, Union Square Sous Chef

After three years in the Dining Commons as a line cook while simultaneously working on a degree in Electrical Engineering at San Jose State University, Kris decided to follow his true passion and enrolled at the International Culinary Center in Campbell, Ca.  After obtaining his culinary certificate, Kris moved on to be a full-time Kitchen Production Lead at the DC where he learned a variety of cuisines and different cooking techniques over his five years there.  Shortly after his completion of culinary school, Kris was promoted to Sous Chef for Union Square, Student Union and is now also taking on the exciting role of Catering chef as well. During his free time he enjoys fishing, camping and of course cooking.

Union Square Retail Manager
Cecelia Mattos, Union Square Retail Operations Manager

Cecelia has worked in the food industry since 2004. She has worked in a plethora of restaurants, bakeries, catering companies, and even worked at a brewery. Her food service knowledge ranges from pastries and coffee to high end catering. Cecelia graduated from San Jose State University in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Science in Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management. She enjoys managing student staff, interacting with customers, and finding common ground with her peers in all Spartan Shops departments.

Sustainability Coordinator
Kristen Wonder, Sustainability Coordinator

Kristen graduated from San Jose State University with her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Communication Studies. Prior to SJSU, she attended Butte College in Chico, CA where she earned her Associate’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, a certificate in Peace and Global Studies and a certificate in Sustainability. Kristen has a deep passion for making the planet a more sustainable place. She also represents Spartan Shops on the SJSU Student Hunger Committee, SJSU Sustainability Board, and is an active member of the Earth Day Committee. Kristen also facilitates multiple sustainability presentations in classes and department meetings, including to a class of more than 100 students. Feel free to contact Kristen to schedule your presentation today! 
In her time off, Kristen loves to hike, garden, read and travel to new places.

Introducing Our New Full-Time Catering Leads:

Spartan Shops Catering Leads
Jonathan Aguayo 
Major: Industrial Design 
Jonathan brings flexibility and motivation to the Catering team.

Maria Elena Tellez 
Time with Spartan Shops: Over 18 years. 
Maria Elena brings discipline and organization to the Catering team.

Introducing Our New Full-Time Dining Commons Leads: 

Spartan Shops Dining Common Leads
Juan Tamayo, Full-Time Receiving Lead 
Major: Computer Engineering 
Juan brings change and improvement by offering a different perspective.

Sharon Diaz, Kitchen Production Lead III 
Double Major: Psychology and Behavioral Science 
Sharon is committed and strives to make the Dining Commons a success.