University Police Department

Campus Safety
Campus Safety

As the new Spring semester begins we would like to offer a few reminders about keeping yourselves and our community safe. Always be aware of your surroundings and if possible travel in pairs when you are out at night. We offer safety escorts and the Spartan Safe Ride that you can access by calling University Police dispatch at 408-924-2222. We have in place a number of other resources designed to keep you safe and informed of potential threats to our community. Here are a few programs that you are encouraged to use:

  • AlertSJSU is our campus' primary emergency notification system. It's purpose is to quickly disseminate emergency information via text message, email or voicemail to the campus community during critical incidents. AlertSJSU is an opt out program for students; opt in for faculty and staff. Log in to MySJSU to sign up or review your designated contact numbers. If you wish to receive text messages, it is important to ensure that a cell phone number is listed in the appropriate profile.
  • Download Rave Guardian - Rave Guardian is a free mobile safety APP available to download at the Apple Store or Google Play. It enhances safety on campus through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and the UPD. Features include:
    Panic Button – Direct and immediate connection to the UPD with GPS location and     personal profile information. 
    Send a Tip – Enables anonymous, 2-way, crime tip reporting through text and images. 
    Personal Guardians & Safety Timer – Users can identify UPD, friends, and family as “Guardians” when setting a Rave Guardian Safety Timer.
  • University Police dispatch number 408-924-2222 - Be sure that UPD’s dispatch number, 408-924-2222, is programmed into your mobile phone. Please note that dialing “911” from your cell phone will connect you to the nearest public emergency dispatcher, not SJSU’s (although the call will be routed to UPD with a slight delay).  Dialing “911” from a campus phone will connect you directly with UPD dispatch.  

Personal Safety Reminders

The sidewalks and corridors will be crowded when everyone is moving about.  Please be mindful of your surroundings as you go about your day and move from location to location on campus.  Our community members use bikes, skateboards and scooters as a means of transportation and it is important for everyone to respect one another to avoid any unnecessary injuries.  Those members of the community who use one of these conveyances need to be mindful of our pedestrians and obey the rules of the road.  The speed limit on campus is 5 mph. We do have designated 'dismount zones' due to campus construction. Please dismount and walk through these areas for your safety as well as others. 

Holiday Toy Drive

24th Annual Holiday Toy Drive - A Huge Success!

SJSU buses, volunteers, police trucks, cruisers, oh and Santa cheerfully delivered toys and gift cards to nearly 200 families and over 500 children, in and around our local community. In preparation for this wonderful annual event, we had 85 volunteers who wrapped, bagged and labeled the gifts that were generously donated by SJSU departments, staff, faculty and local businesses.  We want to thank everyone for their time and creative talent in wrapping the gifts and a huge thank you to all donors for their kindness and generosity. Each and every year we are overwhelmed by the joy brought to us from the community. Looking ahead, December 2016 will mark UPD's 25th Annual Toy Drive. For our “Quarter Century” milestone, we hope to reach even more families and children in our local community and make this a special memorable event. Every year the Toy Drive includes a lot of planning, effort, and volunteers to make it a success, so please consider coming out to help or making a donation to support this cause. If you or someone you know of is in need, please let us know so we can help (recipients must be SJSU faculty, staff or student – or live in the 95112 area).

Tentative 2016 dates:

Gift Wrapping - Wednesday, Dec 14th
Toy Delivery/Pick Up – Saturday, Dec 17th

Anyone wishing to donate time, money or toys anytime during the year is encouraged to contact Brenda Martin or Tameka Harris at UPD.