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Next Gen Technology Project

In support of the SJSU Strategic Plan: Vision 2017 Initiative Agility Through Technology, the Next Gen Technology Project is targeted to enhance the campus information technology infrastructure to enable dramatic improvements in communication and collaboration. The project is actually a series of projects concentrating in a variety of technology areas. Some of the project outcomes are:

WebEx Collaboration

The first project to be delivered to campus this month is WebEx.  Web conferencing including video, audio, and computer interactions will be available for all faculty and staff to host via the WebEx system. Other individuals inside and outside of SJSU can also participate in the scheduled conferences. Instructors will be able to use WebEx to record class activities and share the recording with their enrolled students after the class session. Online training materials including video tutorials, reference guides, and short how-to materials will be available to support the usage of the new tool.  You can access the WebEx from the MySJSU web page and use your SJSU One ID & password to sign-on.

Next Generation Learning Spaces

Campus classrooms will be enhanced with state-of-the-art audio, visual, and lecture capture technology to enhance the collaboration and communication with students and instructors and speakers both onsite and at remote locations.  Recorded sessions will be available for review shortly after the end of class.

Unified Communication System

A campus-wide Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system will enable sophisticated communication methods with video phones for all campus employees. Calls can be sent automatically to user devices like a laptop, tablet computer or smart phone.

Digital Signage

Centralized content management software will integrate the content (text, image and video programming) flowing to digital LCD monitors across campus. Touch screen enabled applications will provide an interactive experience for way-finding and information retrieval.  The initial signage will be installed in high-traffic locations, inculding the MLK Library, Student Union, and the Spartan Stadium.

Wireless Network Expansion

Coverage and density of our campus wireless network will be increased within campus buildings and the core campus, outside areas and Spartan Stadium. Once completed, use of the wireless network should be available everywhere on campus, allowing connections to continue building to building and in all outdoor areas.

Campus Next Generation Network

Changes to the campus network technology will allow for end-to-end centralized management of all networking resources. Once installed, these network improvements will allow for easier network management, reducing effort and time to make user requested changes, improved network security, and increased agility in effecting change to meet campus requirements.

Enhanced Computing Resources

State-of-the-art integrated server, storage, and network technology will enable high performing virtual servers to be available with minimal lead time for requests and effectively monitored with enhanced tools.  Virtual desktops and virtual software libraries will allow for online labs instead of physical labs for students and lessen the need for high performance workstations for faculty & staff.

For more information on the Next Gen Technology Project, please visit Information Technology Services.