Supplemental Application for Transfer

Supplemental Application Requirement

For fall 2018, all applicants for transfer will be required to complete a supplemental application including grades for all coursework completed in the fall semester prior to enrollment, and all coursework that will be completed by the end of spring semester prior to enrollment. For example, fall 2018 applicants will need to complete the supplemental application including fall 2018 grades earned and all work in progress for the spring 2018 semester.

The supplemental application will be assigned through students' MySJSU Student Center beginning January 3 or 4. Applicants will have about three weeks to submit the supplemental application. Any transfer applicant who wishes to be considered for admission for fall 2018 must complete and submit the supplemental application by the end of January 2018 (the deadline will be posted to your MySJSU "To Do List").

Applicants who do not complete the supplemental application by the deadline, risk the withdrawal of their application for fall 2018.

For more information about the way that this information will be considered for admission and a list of major-specific coursework, please see Program Specific Supplemental Coursework section.

Questions about the Supplemental Application can be answered by consulting our help guide.