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University Advancement
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0256

Clark Hall, third floor
Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Theresa Mendoza Interim Vice President for University Advancement  
Marisela Mercado Administrative Assistant to the Vice President 408-924-1764
Julie Jimenez Director for Administrative Services 408-924-1132
Leslie Rohn Chief Operating Officer 408-924-1508
Leah Barrington Administrative Assistant 408-924-1191
Judy Kass Tower Foundation Human Resources Director 408-924-1127
Maria Blake Director of Grant Administration 408-924-1126
Christina Tan-Aoyagi Controller 408-924-1329
Lani Eyherabide Senior Accountant 408-924-1161
Tina Buan Accountant 408-924-1494
My Phuong Tran Accountant 408-924-1129
Cindy Nimrud Accounting Associate 408-924-1779
Robb Drury Associate Vice President,
Advancement Operations
Aracelis Velazquez Rivera Administrative Assistant 408-924-6519

Advancement Services

Maria Ramirez Advancement Services Manager 408-924-1484
Shawna Terry Gift Analyst 408-924-1651
Mariah Ortiz Gift Analyst 408-924-1134
Roya Omid Gift Analyst 408-924-1140

Information Technology

Leonor Cheong
Database Administrator / 
Analyst Programmer
Rigo Vargas Information Technology Consultant 408-924-1780
Daniel Tompos IT Assistant 408-924-1355
Brian Bates Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations / Executive Director,
Alumni Association
Melissa Ferguson Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1489
April Cole Associate Director for Alumni Relations 408-924-6527
Christy Poole Membership and Financial Coordinator 408-924-6520
Nancy Stewart Director, Annual Giving and Special Gifts 408-924-1136
Carolyn Canete Annual Giving Manager 408-924-1782
Daan Giron Director, Leadership Annual Giving 408-924-1143
Jonathan Reyes Annual Giving Officer 408-924-1204


Valerie Gonzales Events and Project Coordinator 408-924-1148
Clifton Gold Events and Outreach Coordinator 408-924-6505  


Beth Colbert Associate Vice President for Development 408-924-1119
Patricia Thompson Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1158
Claudia Tercero Administrative Support Coordinator 408-924-1762
Diane Satriano Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations 408-924-3410
Paul McNamara Foundation Relations Officer 408-924-1471
Eric Bonesteel Development Officer, Corporate &
Foundation Relations
Michelle Smith Corporate & Foundation Relations Officer 408-924-1135
Tina Daniels Director, Planned Giving 408-924-1123

Development Research

Amanda Struer Associate Director of Development Research 408-924-1188
Kathy Richmond Development Research Analyst 408-924-1147


Veronica Murphy Stewardship Director 408-924-2278

Major Gifts

Betty S. Tseng Senior Director of Development,
College of Education, College of Social Sciences
Chuck Cordt Director of Development, Athletics 408-924-1173
Erik Larsen Director of Development, College of Business 408-924-1190
Sabra Diridon Director of Development,
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Michael Donohue Director of Development, College of Science 408-924-1139
Alan Wong Director of Development, College of Engineering 408-924-1144
Sonia Wright Director of Development, College of Applied Sciences and Arts  408-924-1328
Melissa Johnson Director, Leadership Annual Giving 408-924-1145
Barry Shiller Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications 408-924-1141
Felicia McKee Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1785
Pat Harris Media Relations Director 408-924-1748
Robin McElhattan Media Relations Specialist 408-924-1749
Jody Ulate Creative Director 408-924-1151
Allison Sanders Advancement Writer 408-924-1171
Michelle Frey Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director 408-924-1474
Peter Caravalho Graphic Designer 408-924-1014
Christina Olivas Web Designer 408-924-1167
Eddie Wagner Web Communications Strategist 408-924-1107
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