Advisor and Counselor Contact Information

Once you know which kind of advising or counseling you need, you may wonder how to set up an appointment with those you need to talk to! Below is a list contact information for the various advising and counseling offices on campus. You can learn more about each type of advising and counseling by clicking on the titles.

Major and Department Advising Websites

Some colleges and departments have websites for their advising, which are listed below. If you do not see your major department listed, please call your major/minor department office to find out how to make an appointment with an advisor.

Department Contact Phone Numbers

Accounting and Finance (includes Taxation and Transportation) 408.924.3460 Hospitality Management (includes Therapeutic Recreation, Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt, and Internat'l Tourism) 408.924.3000
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) 408.924.2960 Industrial and Systems Engineering (includes Eng. Mgmt., Statistical Quality Eng., and Human Factors/ Ergonomics) 408.924.3301
African American Studies 408.924.5871    
Anthropology 408.924.5710 Journalism and Mass Communications (includes Advertising, News Media Design and Public Relations) 408.924.3240
Art and Design (includes Art History & Visual Culture, Animation/Illustration, Digital Media Art, Photography, Pictoral and Spatial Art; Graphic, Industrial & Interior Design) 408.924.4320 Justice Studies (includes Justice Studies, Forensic Science, Human Rights, Pre-Law, and Legal Studies) 408.924.2940
Aviation and Technology (includes Industrial Tech., Quality Assurance) 408.924.3190 Kinesiology 408.924.3010
Behavioral Sciences 408.924.5340 Liberal Studies 408.924.4459
Biological Sciences (includes Natural Science, Conservation and Organismal Bio, Marine Bio, Microbiology, Molecular Bio, and Systems Physiology, ) 408.924.4900 Library and Information Science 408.924.2490
Chemical and Materials Engineering 408.924.4000 Linguistics and Language Development 408.924.4413
Chemistry (includes Biochem and Materials Science) 408.924.5000 Management Information Systems 408.924.7790
Child and Adolescent Development (includes Atypical Child Studies) 408.924.3718 Marketing and Decision Sciences 408.924.3506
Civil and Environmental Engineering 408.924.3900 Mathematics (includes Applied and Computational Mathematics) 408.924.5100
Communication Studies (includes Comm. in the Info. Age and Speech Comm.) 408.924.5360 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 408.924.3850
Communicative Disorders and Sciences 408.924.3688 Meteorology (includes Atmospheric and Seismic Hazards) 408.924.5200
Computer Engineering 408.924.4150 Mexican American Studies 408.924.5760
Computer Science (includes Software Engineering) 408.924.5060 Military Science (Army ROTC) 408.554.4034
Counselor Education 408.924.3634 Moss Landing Marine Labs (includes Marine Science) 831.771.4400
Dance - See Music and Dance   Music and Dance (includes Jazz Studies, Composition, Music Education, and Performance) 408.924.4673
Economics 408.924.5400 Nursing 408.924.3131
Educational Leadership 408.924.3616 Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging (includes Dietetics) 408.924.3100
Electrical Engineering 408.924.3950 Occupational Therapy 408.924.3070
Elementary Education 408.924.3771 Organization and Management  408.924.3550
English and Comparative Literature (includes Career Writing, Comparative Lit, Creative Writing, and Prof. & Tech Writing) 408.924.4425 Philosophy 408.924.4468
Environmental Studies (includes Energy and Park Ranger & Administration) 408.924.5450 Physics and Astronomy 408.924.5210
Foreign Languages (includes Chinese, French, German, Italian, Internat'l Business, Japanese, and Spanish) 408.924.4602 Political Science (includes Public Administration and Public Policy) 408.924.5550
General Engineering (includes Bioengineering) 408.924.3800 Psychology 408.924.5600
Geography (includes Geographic Information Science) 408.924.5475 Secondary Education 408.924.3755
Geology (includes Earth Science) 408.924.5050 Social Sciences (includes Asian American Studies) 408.924.5740
Global Studies 408.924.7197 Social Work 408.924.5800
Health Professions (includes Complementary and Alternative Health Practices) 408.924.2900 Sociology (including Criminology, Family, and Community Change) 408.924.5320
Health Science (includes Gerontology, Health Professions, Health Services Admin, and Public Health) 408.924.2970 Special Education 408.924.3700
History (includes Ancient & Medieval, Asian, European, Jewish, Latin American, Military, US, and General History; and Area Studies) 408.924.5500 Television, Radio, Film and Theatre (includes Musical Theatre) 408.924.4530
    Urban and Regional Planning 408.924.5882

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