2009 Enrollment Management Communication

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November 23, 2009 - Fall 2010 Undergraduate Admission Processing Outline


The Fall 2010 undergraduate application period is drawing to a close. The following is an outline of the main phases in the admission and enrollment process that will yield SJSU our frosh and transfer incoming class of Fall 2010.

Monday, November 30, 2009: Admissions Application Deadline

  • Prospective students submit applications via CSU Mentor.
  • No exceptions to the November 30 deadline.
  • Change for Fall 2010: All frosh applicants must submit an official SAT or ACT test score no later than December 18, 2009.

Tuesday, December 1- Friday, December 18, 2009: Phase I - Initial Application Review

  • Inventory of applications and sort by red, green and yellow majors.
  • Request supplemental criteria questionnaire, as applicable, from transfer red major applicants.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - Monday, January 4, 2010: Furloughs and holiday break.

  • No services

Tuesday, January 5 - late-January, 2010: Phase II - Impaction Review Process

  • Withdraw applications from students who missed test requirement deadline.
  • Reconcile requests from potential denied students.
  • Review transfer supplemental criteria responses and request validating documentation.
  • Withdraw applications for all who failed to meet CSU eligibility requirements.

February - March 2010: Phase III - Admission Decision Period

  • Admission decisions made for all CSU eligible undergrads who meet impaction standards.
  • Begin mailing admission packets on Thursday, February 25.
  • Next Steps Intent to Enroll website launches Thursday, February 25.

March - April 2010: Phase IV - Enrollment Yield Activities

  • Financial Aid priority deadline is Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Preliminary awarding commences.
  • Department and college lists of provisionally admitted students disseminated.
  • Housing yield campaign.
  • EOP yield campaign.
  • SJSU primary yield event, Admitted Spartan Day, is Saturday, April 17.

Saturday May 1, 2010: Phase V - Next Steps Intent to Enroll Deadline! Yield process ends

  • Frosh and transfer deadline to accept SJSU's offer of admission.

Monday, May 3 - mid-July, 2010: Phase VI - Post-Next Steps Reconciliation

  • Lists provided to departments and colleges of all "yes" intent to enroll frosh and transfers.
  • Withdraw admission from all who failed to comply with the intent to enroll deadline.
  • Lists provided to EOP, Housing and Financial Aid of those students met Next Steps Intent to Enroll deadline.
  • Assign requests for final transcripts. Deadline is July 15, 2010 -- no exceptions.
  • Begin verification process for early compliers.

Thursday, July 15- Monday, August 16, 2010: Phase VII - Final Verification

  • Final verification for frosh and transfer admits.
  • Withdraw admission for all students whose final transcripts make them ineligible for admission.
  • Withdraw admission for all students who failed to meet the July 15 final transcript deadline.

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November 5, 2009 - Message sent to all eligible to enroll for Spring 2010


Spring 2010 registration begins this Monday, November 9. Enrollment Services is in the process of posting the following message to MySJSU accounts of students who are eligible to enroll.

Audience: All eligible to enroll for Spring 2010, all class levels, approximately 31,700 students
From: Enrollment Services
Subject: Spring 2010 Registration
Message Text:


You are eligible to register for Spring 2010.

If you need to meet with an advisor, schedule an appointment now!
The Schedule of Classes is posted here.

In order to balance the availability of classes, please note the following enrollment limits during the Spring 2010 registration cycle:

Advance Registration: Monday, November 9 - Sunday, January 17

  • Enrollment limited to 14 units

Note: No registration activity from Monday, January 18 to Monday, January 25

Late Registration: Tuesday, January 26 - Friday, February 12

  • Enrollment limited to 18 units

Friday, February 5 is the last day to:

  • Drop classes or withdraw from SJSU without a "W" grade.
  • Add and drop courses of equal net value and not be responsible for additional state university/non-resident fees.

Friday, February 12 is the last day to:

  • Add classes
  • Submit instructor drops, if the instructor wishes to use that option.
  • Submit CR/NC and Audit options

Late enrollment will be assessed additional fees.
See this page for Installment Payment Plans.
Failure to pay by the due date will result in enrollment cancellation.

Link #1  SJSU Schedules
Link #2 Office of the Registrar

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November 3, 2009 - Welcome Center changes


Marcy Anthony, manager of Student Outreach and Recruitment has asked that you be made aware of the recent change in SOAR:

The SJSU Welcome Center Business Location has moved from the lobby office in King Library to the Student Services Center (SSC) building at 9th and San Fernando Streets. Campus tours are offered based on availability and by online request.

Many tours will meet at the SSC, however select tours continue to meet at the Welcome Center in the King Library. Visitors should check their email confirmation for specific tour departure location information. Tour guides arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the tour departure time.

Click here to submit a tour request. Campus tour confirmations are sent via email.

For general assistance or questions regarding campus tours please call the reservation line at 408-924-2786 or email outreach@sjsu.edu. SJSU has reached capacity for group tours through December 2009.

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November 2, 2009 - Message to SJSU students regarding Fall 2009 Catalog policy update posting

An update to the 2008-2010 SJSU Catalog policies was posted over this past weekend to the info.sjsu.edu website.

The following message is being sent to all enrolled Fall 2009 SJSU students. In addition to this listserv, campus advisors who are subscribed to the Advising Hub listserv will also be notified. We apologize in advance if you get this message more than once.

Audience: Enrolled SJSU students, all class levels
From: The SJSU Catalog Team
Subject: Catalog Policy Update Posted
Message text:


San Jose State publishes an updated version of the university's catalog annually in preparation for the next academic year. This updated version contains all of the latest policy changes that govern university procedures and decision-making. Since these policies (and changes) affect all students, this message is to notify you formally that San Jose State University Catalog policies have now been updated and posted. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with any policy change that may affect your status at SJSU.

Given the budget crisis affecting SJSU, we have had to make more policy changes than we normally make. There are several substantive California State University and SJSU policy changes effective with the Fall 2009 semester that might affect you. We provide highlights here and we encourage you to visit the Advising Hub and the catalog for more detailed information.

Highlights of Undergraduate Policy Changes

  • There are new limits on how many courses you can repeat for a letter grade.
  • Grade forgiveness (formerly known as academic renewal) applies automatically to most repeated courses.
  • There are new policies that govern the choices and options available for "high unit seniors."
  • Late drops and semester withdrawals will be monitored more closely than in the past and there will be limits on the number of approvals.
  • Due to overall enrollment restrictions and campus impaction, your ability to change a major is no longer guaranteed.
  • Students must declare a major at the time they have earned 60 semester units.
  • Remedial course work can no longer be repeated in regular sessions at SJSU.
  • Students who have earned more than enough units to graduate but have some remaining requirements to complete ("high unit seniors"), will have mandatory advising and will not be able to register in any courses not needed for graduation.

Highlights of Graduate Policy Changes

  • All requests for transfer of courses require academic program approval prior to submission to Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations. Several related course transfer policies have changed.
  • Limits on supervisory course units attempted and counted for candidacy have been clarified.
  • For disqualified graduate students pursuing programs of study, upper-division courses will now be acceptable for graduation credit if approved by the academic program.
  • Open University courses are excluded from candidacy or graduation GPA.
  • Seven-year-old course revalidation requires academic program approval. Only SJSU courses may be revalidated.
  • A course satisfying the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) can be taken during the semester of candidacy-form filing.

This listing is not comprehensive. For detailed information about these and other policy changes, see the Advising Hub at www.sjsu.edu/advising.

The SJSU Catalog Team
- Undergraduate Studies
- Graduate Studies and Research
- Enrollment Services
- Academic Advising and Retention Services

URL link #1 SJSU Catalog

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September 29, 2009 - Fall 2010 Impaction Update

Dear Colleagues,

On September 16, 2009, CSU Chancellor Reed approved several key revisions to SJSU's Fall 2010 impaction plan. Enrollment Services is in the process of notifying prospective students, their families and counselors about these updates. Specific information for the public is posted at http://info.sjsu.edu/web-dbgen/narr/static/admission/impaction.html.

Enrollment Services has revised and re-posted the Admission 101 PDF to reflect the additional approved impacted majors and housing information.

Five majors have shifted from "yellow" to impacted (aka "red") status.
  • Communication Studies
  • Economics
  • Liberal Studies
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Psychology
A general statement has been added to the on-campus housing text:

"Important note! Non-local applicants may be able to improve their ranking in the admission process through an early commitment to live in on-campus University Housing. Note that a commitment to housing can improve chances for admission, but does not guarantee admission."

If you have questions about the impaction process for Fall 2010, please let your department chair or manager know. Enrollment Services staff are available to make presentations to departments, programs and services. To arrange for a presentation contact deanna.gonzales@sjsu.edu.

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August 19, 2009 - Registration and Fee deadline information posted to MySJSU accounts

The following message has been sent to approximately 37,000 students of all class levels who are eligible to enroll for Fall 2009:

Sender: Enrollment Services
Subject: Fall Registration Reminders
Message Text:

Reminders for Fall 2009 registrants:

Advance Registration ended Sunday, August 16, 2009. Please access and print your course schedule from your MySJSU account well in advance of the first day of classes. Your class schedule, including the final waitlist adjustment, will be set and ready for viewing by Thursday, August 20. Please look for available class seats before August 24. We encourage you to use the .pdf class schedule link from my.sjsu to find open sections.

Late Registration is Monday, August 24 - Friday, September 11, 2009
Due to budget constraints, there are no extended hours during late registration.
Student Services Center
Monday - Thursday, 8:15 am - 4:45 pm
Friday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Cashier windows close 30 minutes earlier.
Closed weekends and furlough days.

Thursday, September 3 is the last day to:
- Drop classes or withdraw from SJSU without a "W" grade
- Add and drop courses of equal net value and not be responsible for additional state university/non-resident fees

Friday, September 11 is the last day to:
- Add classes
- Submit instructor drops, if the instructor wishes to use that option
- Submit CR/NC and Audit options

Sunday, October 18 is the deadline to pay the "SUF fee increase" and, if applicable, the Graduate Business Professional fee and/or the Non-resident fee increase.

Friday, November 13 is the last day to submit late drop/withdrawal requests
Note early deadline!

This message is a reminder that failure to pay your fees on time will result in being dropped from your classes and removed from any waitlists. You would need to re-enroll in classes, if available during Advance or Late Registration. Note: When attempting to re-enroll, course section offerings may be extremely limited.

See www.sjsu.edu/bursar/fees for Installment Payment Plans.

Late fees:
$25.00 Eligible for Advance Registration but registering during Late Registration
$25.00 Students who do not pay bills through Advance Registration
$25.00 Students classified as late registrants
$25.00-35.00 Dishonored (returned) checks
$45.00 Registration between Saturday, September 12 - Monday, September 21
$150.00 Late adds, Thursday, September 22 - Tuesday, December 8
$200.00 Retroactive adds, beginning Wednesday, December 9

Expiration Date: 01/31/2010

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MySJSU Message sent to SJSU Students August 14, 2009

Sender: Undergraduate Studies
Expiration date: January 1, 2010

Dear Student:

This important message will help you deal effectively with the challenges of enrolling in classes and completing your schedule at the start of the semester.

As you know, this is not a typical year for the university. The state's budget difficulties have led to significant cuts to the CSU budget this year ($564 million), resulting in a reduction in the number of class sections available.

The registration cap of 14 units was lifted on August 10. However, you may find that many of the classes you want to add are already full. It is important for you to understand why this is the case and what you can do.

*An empty seat is not an available space.
You don't need to understand all of the technical details about how education is funded, but you do need to understand that the state funds up to a preset number of students targeted to enroll, not the number actually enrolled or the number of desks in a classroom. Remember that the state pays much of the cost of your education each semester and your fees make up the rest of the cost. When we make schedules, we can only provide enough spaces in a class for the number of students for which the state pays. This number becomes the "cap" for the class. Since we cannot afford to educate students we are not paid to educate, we must hold to the enrollment limit for each class. Remember that when you go to a class and try to add it, it is the enrollment cap that limits the professor, not the number of desks in a classroom. Thus, an empty seat is most likely NOT an available space.

Because of these changed funding conditions, we understand that it may now begin to affect your progress to graduation. We want to help you continue to make progress, so here are some useful strategies.

*First, if you haven't seen an advisor in your major lately (or at all), make an appointment to see one as quickly as possible. Print out a copy of your "Degree Progress Report" from MySJSU and take it to the appointment with you. The goal of your advising visit will be to create an academic plan from where you are this semester to your graduation. For some students, this will mean double checking an existing plan; for others, it means making prudent substitutions to an existing plan to be able to move you more quickly to graduation. Having an up to date advising plan helps both you and your department know what courses students need to take (and which courses we most need to offer in spring).

*If there are classes (even one) on your academic plan that you can't get into, here's what you should do:

  • If you have applied to graduate in December, go to your department office as soon as possible and arrange to meet with the department chair to see if 1) you can be added "above the cap" to a specific class; or 2) a suitable class may be substituted for one on your program. Our top priority is to do whatever we can to make sure that December graduating students get the classes they need to be able to graduate.
  • If you have applied to graduate in May, 2010 go to your major advisor and see if your academic plan is workable. Explore what substitutions you might be able to make so that courses you are in now, and courses you take in Spring, meet your requirements for graduation.
  • Notice that both of these steps require that you have applied to graduate. If you have not yet applied, but you think you might be able to graduate in either December or May, see your major advisor immediately to complete a graduation application. Remember that we can only treat you as a graduating senior if you have actually applied to graduate. Simply having enough units (or thinking you will graduate) does not count. Only the department office will be able to add a student into a class. And departments will only be able to add a student who appears in student records as having applied to graduate.

*If you are not enrolled in the minimum number of units required to receive your financial aid award, please print out your Financial Aid Award posted to your MySJSU account; then go to your department office to see what might be done to get enough units to secure your Financial Aid. Remember that the department cannot confirm your financial aid status unless you bring a hard copy of your Financial Aid Award.

*If you are here on a student visa, and if you are not enrolled in the minimum number of units required to maintain your visa status (usually 12 units, but may differ for graduate students and in certain other circumstances) go immediately to the International Programs Advisor in CL 543 and pick up a note that confirms this; then go to your department office to see what might be done to get you enough units to secure your visa status. Remember that the department cannot confirm your visa status unless you bring confirmation from International Programs.

In any of these conditions, we will do whatever we can to help you meet your necessary requirements. But you must understand that there are some things we cannot do.

As you encounter the frustration of full sections, and having to run around some to get things in order, here is some other good advice that can help you continue your progress toward graduation:

  • *Be flexible with your schedule.
  • Understand that in times of economic scarcity, you may have to rearrange work and/or other commitments to enable you to take classes when they are available. There isn't enough state funding to always provide all classes at the convenient times that work best for you.
  • *Don't take more units than you can handle.
  • The limits on funding mean that it is more difficult to re-take a class if you fail (or do very poorly). You will not be able to enroll for a re-take until the first day of the semester, and many classes you might need will be full. It has also become more difficult to be re-admitted after a Disqualification. Don't get yourself into academic trouble through over commitments or lack of study.
  • *Take school seriously and apply yourself to your studies. Because our budget cuts require us to offer fewer seats/sections of classes, we are forced, in fairness, to limit the repeat of some courses if you fail them the first time. In particular, if you are a student who requires remediation in writing or math (LLD 1 or LLD 2, Math 3A or 6A), we cannot provide state funding support for repeat sections. Thus, if you fail to move from LLD1 to LLD 2, or from LLD 2 to ENGL 1A, you will not be able to repeat the course as part of your regular tuition. Similarly, if you fail the WST two times, starting in Spring 2010, you will not be able to enroll in LLD 98 or LLD 99 courses as part of your regular tuition. We are exploring other options for students in this situation, but such options are unlikely to be state funded.
  • *Pay your fees on time or the university will drop your classes. And you will likely be unable to get back into them because your space will be gone and the class will be full. With so many students chasing so few sections, there will not be any tolerance for those who lose classes for failure to meet payment deadlines, or other deadlines (petitions, for example). Keep receipts from your payments. This will help protect you if the university makes a mistake.
  • Check out MySJSU regularly (daily) for important updates or changes that might affect you. Other updates will be posted on university websites. Keep informed.
  • If you need to talk with successful students who can help you navigate through particular challenges, please visit the Peer Mentor Center in the lobby of Clark Hall. Peer Mentors can sometimes give you practical advice that will make you a more effective student. There are other tutorial centers on campus to help you: for lower division, pre-WST writing issues visit Peer Connections in SSC. For post-WST (100W) writing issues, visit the Writing Resource Center. The colleges and departments also have tutorial centers. Check with the Advising Hub to learn about other resources (www.sjsu.edu/advising).
  • If you're finding too much stress in your life as a student, and you feel like youÀre not keeping it together very well, drop in to the Counseling Center in ADM 201 (924-5910) to make an appointment.

Remember that students are not bearing all of the pain or sacrifice.
Faculty, staff, and administrators have all been placed on furlough status two days a month without pay-approximately at 10 percent pay cut. Because of this, many campus offices will be closed two days a month. Be sure to note the announced furlough days when you make plans to meet with advisors, counselors, or the Student Services Center offices.

If you have the kind of frustration that makes you angry, so that you want to change the system and the conditions we're in, go to Associated Students or the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center and explore their resources in support of student activism. You may be able to put your frustration and anger to good use to make a difference at the state level through activism.

Remember that the conditions we're in today, that are causing you so much frustration, are made by conscious and unconscious decisions that people make regarding how our state is governed. It's your state, too. If you don't like how it's going, get involved in the process of making it better.

Remember, the state sends a limited amount of money to provide for education. There are more students, needing more classes, than there is money to provide them all. Faculty and administrators are doing the best we can with limited resources, and we have to make some tough decisions. There is no solution that does not cause some pain or difficulty for our 30,000 individual students. We truly regret that the situation has come to this, but we're all in it together. The university is working to change things for the better. Even though times are hard, our commitment at SJSU is do everything we can to help you complete your studies to graduation.

If you require additional information about any of these issues, check with the appropriate department, college or university office referenced above.

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August 7, 2009 - Chancellor's Office message sent to all eligible students for Fall 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The following message was posted to MySJSU accounts of more than 36,000 new and continuing students who are eligible to enroll for Fall 2009.
Distribution by all 23 CSU campuses to all students eligible to enroll for Fall 2009 was required by the Chancellor's Office. It provides background and links to details regarding the fee increase effective for the upcoming Fall semester.

Background on Fee Increase

At their public meeting on July 21, 2009, the California State University Board of Trustees approved additional rate increases for the State University Fee, effective for the Fall semester. These rate increases apply to all students, both residents and nonresidents of California. However, many students will qualify for additional financial aid that will cover the fee increase. In addition, the Board of Trustees approved an increase in the rate of tuition payable by nonresidents of California, also effective for the Fall semester.

These actions were taken by the Board in response to one of the greatest fiscal emergencies in the history of California. In July the State Legislature and Governor reduced state funding for the California State University system by almost $600 million, or an amount equal to the support traditionally given by the state for instruction of 95,000 students. Faced with this emergency, the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor have begun to implement a plan that balances the need to reduce spending with the need to preserve, as much as possible, the quality of the academic program and access to courses and student services. To do this requires something from everyone in the university community. For example, nearly every employee, including the campus presidents and the Chancellor, will be furloughed two days each month for the rest of the academic year. This amounts to a reduction in pay of almost 10 percent. This sacrifice by employees helps avoid, to a significant extent, the degree to which reductions in course offerings and student services will be needed.

In addition, the Board of Trustees recently approved a new Graduate Business Professional Fee, applicable to specified graduate business programs. The Board took this action to provide critical new resources for the graduate business programs in order to assure program quality and the continuing accreditation of these programs. Maintaining the accreditation status of these programs is crucial for students in these programs in terms of the value of the degree and future job prospects.

The newly approved fee levels for the State University Fee, including the State University Education Doctorate Fee and the recently approved Graduate Business Professional Fee are posted at the CSU Budget Office website, www.calstate.edu/budget/student-fees. The same information is reproduced in the tables below.

State University Fee Schedules Effective Fall 2009 (Academic Year 2009/10)

Student Type/Units Per Semester
Undergraduate Programs
6.1 or more $2,013
0 to 6.0 $1,167

Credential Programs
6.1 or more $2,337
0 to 6.0 $1,356

Graduate and Other Post-Baccalaureate Programs
6.1 or more $2,481
0 to 6.0 $1,440

2009/10 Academic Year State University Education Doctorate Fee
Education Doctorate* Per Semester
All Students $4,338
* Applicable term fees apply for campuses with special terms, as determined by the campus. Total College Year fees cannot exceed the Academic Year plus Summer Term fees (Summer Term fee rate is $4,338).

2009/10 Graduate Business Professional Fee
Per Semester Unit Rate
All Students $210
The Graduate Business Professional Fee is paid on a per unit basis in addition to the SUF and campus fees for the following graduate business programs:
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Master of Science (M.S.) programs in Accountancy

For further information regarding the Graduate Business Professional Fee, please refer to the May 2009 Board of Trustees resolution PDF located at www.calstate.edu/BOT/Resolutions/May2009.pdf.

Information about nonresident tuition is available at the same Budget Office website. With the recently approved increase, nonresident tuition, effective Fall semester is $372 per semester unit and is capped at $11,160 for the 2009-10 academic year. These amounts are in addition to the State University Fee and campus mandatory fees.

Finally, as a reminder, students with identified financial need will qualify for some form of additional financial aid to help address the recent fee increase. In many cases, this aid will be in the form of grants that fully cover the entire fee increase. Please contact the campus financial aid office and/or the following campus financial aid website for additional information on financial aid: http://www.sjsu.edu/faso.

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July 30, 2009 - Enrollment Management updates July 28, 2009

Update to Maximum Unit Load for Fall 2009 Registration

Please encourage students to check the MySJSU portal for updated information regarding the 14 unit maximum currently in place during Advance Registration. Because of the evolving California budget plans and the resulting limits on class availability, SJSU may have to make additional changes to enrollment limits for the Fall 2009 registration cycle. However, we currently plan to lift the limit to 18 units on August 10 for the remainder of the Advance Registration period. We have made special provisions for students who have applied for graduation in December 2009 to increase their unit load to 18 units before August 10; these students will receive a message about this opportunity at MySJSU.

Special Session admissions for Spring 2010

SJSU will accept applications for established graduate level special session programs for Spring 2010. The following information has been posted to the application web site for graduate students (csumentor.edu):
Due to constraints in the California State budget, SJSU will not be accepting any applications for admission for Spring 2010. This applies to all regular (state supported) graduate applicants as well as those seeking a second bachelor's degree (Post-Baccalaureates).

There will be a limited number of special session (self-support) professional, graduate level programs offered in Spring 2010. These master's degree programs, which receive no state funding, are specifically developed for working professionals such as engineers, librarians and occupational therapists.

Applications for special session programs will be accepted from August 1, 2009 through September 15, 2009. Please continue to check back here for an updated list of the special session majors we will be allowed to offer.

Note that special session is totally funded from student fees and therefore the cost is greater than the tuition for regular session programs."

December graduates allowed to apply to a Spring 2010 credential program

SJSU students who will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in December will be allowed to apply to a Spring 2010 Credential program. This is a system wide exception to the prohibition against accepting Spring 2010 applications. Students who have applied for a December graduation received a message via MySJSU explaining this exception and outlining the necessary steps to take advantage of the option.

Trustees approve fee increase effective Fall 2009

At their July Board meeting, The California State University Board of Trustees approved state university fee and non-resident tuition increases, effective Fall 2009. Detailed information is posted at http://www.sjsu.edu/bursar/fees/regfees/fall/. All students, including those in the Installment Payment Plan, will see the following posted to their accounts: "SUF Fee Increase" and, if applicable, "Non-Res Fee Increase." This fee increase will not be included in the installment payment plan and is due in full October 18, 2009. Students must pay the basic registration fees (and non-resident tuition, if applicable) by the assigned due date to secure their classes and to avoid enrollment cancellation.

Included in the Trustees' recent actions, beginning in Fall 2009, a Graduate Business Professional Fee will be assessed to students for coursework taken in a master's of business degree program subject to accreditation. This fee is in addition to the State University Fee and any campus-based fees, and will be assessed in the amount of $210 per semester unit. The Graduate Business Professional Fee applies to required courses in the following degree programs: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) Accountancy

No Preview Day

Due to budget constraints, SJSU has decided not to host a Preview Day during Fall 2009. Preview Day is an event geared toward interested new applicants for the following fall's application cycle. (This fall's preview day would have been a recruitment event for Fall 2010 applicants, for example).
At this time, SJSU's office of Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) is still planning to host Admitted Spartan Day which focuses on showcasing the campus to admitted students for the following fall. Admitted Spartan Day for Fall 2010 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 17, 2010.

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June 16, 2009

To all faculty and staff:

As you know, our campus has been working hard to reduce our enrollment to State-funded levels in order to maintain high quality curricular and co-curricular programs. Having exceeded the funded levels for California resident enrollment by about 7% for 2007-08 and by about 11% for 2008-09, our campus faced a serious challenge to reduce enrollment for 2009-10 even before the State budget crisis became so apparent. The State funding reductions stemming from that crisis have exacerbated enrollment management planning because they are occurring in the midst of a fluid fiscal forecast and associated CSU policy changes.

It is important during these times for all employees -- faculty and staff -- to keep as fully informed as possible about the enrollment management measures that the campus is taking, so that we are all working together. All of us have a responsibility to give accurate information to applicants, students, and their families. Because information is subject to change, it is important to provide advice to applicants and students only in areas of our own responsibility and to refer applicants and students to others for advice in areas of their responsibility.

For the entire e-mail, please download the PDF version:
Critical Changes to SJSU Admission and Enrollment Policies for Fall 2009 and Beyond