I am New Graduate Student


Quick Links for Grad Students

Steps to Success at SJSU

  • Follow the "Steps for Completing Your Master's Degree" information on the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations website.
  • Meet with your graduate advisor to plan the courses you will take in your course of study.
  • Make your way around the campus to get acclimated to the campus culture and to find and utilize the resources available to you as a student.
  • Keep updated with your messages on your MySJSU account.
  • Consider participating in Community/Service Learning through San Jose State to develop social responsibility and give back to our community.
  • Take a trip to the Career Center to learn about resume and cover letter writing, networking, portfolios, and interviewing to be prepared for the job search.
  • Attend a Career Fair on campus to learn more about the local companies recruiting SJSU grads and to find current jobs being offered by those companies.
  • Check out the glossary to learn more about terms you may be unfamiliar with on the SJSU campus.
  • Use the catalog and Department Roadmaps to check where you are and which requirements remain at least once a semester.

Forms for Current Graduate Students

Forms on this webpage include:

  • Changing your Graduate Department
  • Transfer Credit
  • Candidacy
  • Graduation
  • Seven Year Limit

Campus Life

Links to most every aspect of campus life can be found here. All existing to make your Spartan experience more enjoyable.