Information and Resources for Parents/Families

On this page, find websites, books, and other resources for parents/family of SJSU students.

SJSU Websites for Parents/Families of SJSU Students

Helpful Websites for Parents/Families of College Students

Online Articles on Parenting College-Aged Students

Helpful Books for Parents/Families of College Students

Resources at SJSU

Below find a short listing of SJSU resources available to students to assist them in their academic and career pursuits. Students often turn to parents and other family members for support, and being knowledgeable about SJSU resources will help our students find the resources they need on campus!

Career Center

  • The SJSU Career Center assists with selecting a major, choosing a career path, helping students prepare to enter their selected career, and finding a job on or off campus.

Community & Service Learning

Counseling (Personal, Educational & Psychiatric)

  • Counseling Services at SJSU assists students with personal, academic and psychiatric issues which may arise during their SJSU career.

Health Center

Life & Study Skills

  • Student Success Programs at SJSU include workshops and other helpful information sessions on topics such as Time Management, Note Taking, Major/Career Exploration, Alcohol & Drugs, Money Management, Healthy Living, Stress, Test Taking, and more!
  • Individual skill development appointments, workshops, and group sessions may be sought from Educational Counseling at Counseling Services.

Safety on Campus

Study Abroad

  • The Study Abroad Program at SJSU offers certified programs in over 200 universities in more than 40 countries and is a great way to diversify the learning process at SJSU.

Additional Resources

Find a comprehensive list of campus resources available to students on the Advising Hub Resources web page for students.