Additional Undergraduate Requirements

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In addition to the above-mentioned coursework, you must also satisfy these requirements:

  • Academic Requirements - Overall average of "C" (2.0) or better in all college coursework (including other colleges), a "C" average or better earned in all units taken at SJSU, AND a "C" average or better in both major and minor (if applicable) coursework.
  • Residence Requirements - At least 30 units must be earned while matriculated at SJSU. Twenty-four (24) of these units must be upper division courses, 12 units must be in the major and 9 units must be in General Education (SJSU Studies - Areas R, S & V). Extension credit, Open University credit or credit by evaluation  cannot be used to fulfill any of the 30 units. Restrictions on using credit from Open University and Community Colleges for a bachelor degree can be found below at Limitations of Undergraduate Credit.
  • Unit Requirements - At least 120 semester units of credit must be earned for graduation. Many degree programs require more than 120 credits. For example, up to 140 units for engineering curricula and up to 132 units for all other Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degree programs may be required.
  • Upper Division Requirements - At least 40 of the total units required for graduation with the bachelor's degree must be upper division. For the BA, a minimum of 12 units of upper division credit in the major is required and for the BS, a minimum of 18 units of upper division credit in the major is required.

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