Current Catalog Graduation Requirements

As the image below suggests, you must complete the following requirements in order to earn a Bachelor's degree at SJSU:

  • General Education requirements (Core GE & SJSU Studies),
  • Major coursework (varies by major)
  • Minor coursework (if applicable)
  • Two different Kinesiology (PE) activity courses (ie. volleyball, aerobics, etc.)
  • American Institutions requirements (F1,2,3)
  • Elective units up to the minimum requirements for the degree (varies by major)
  • Additional Requirements

The undergraduate graduation requirements listed on this page must be satisfied either by completing coursework or by passing waiver examinations, where available. See Modification, Waiver or Substitutions of Requirements below for more information. Restrictions on where undergraduate credit may be earned and counted for a bachelor degree can be found below at Limitations of Undergraduate Credit.

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