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Academic Forms


Academic Planning Worksheet [PDF]:

Form use to keep track of the classes you've taken or plan to take to complete graduation requirements (GE, American Institutions and PE).

High Unit Senior Forms & Petitions- includes:

Office of the Registrar's Academic Forms - includes:

  • AB 540
  • Audit
  • Change of Personal Information
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Credit by Exam
  • Credit/No Credit Option
  • Cross/Concurrent Enrollment
  • Early Entrant
  • Excess Units
  • FERPA Authorization
  • Graduation Application
  • Graduation Date Change
  • Incomplete Extension
  • Late Adds/Drops
  • Leave Request
  • Reinstatement
  • Residency
  • Transcript Request
  • Withdrawal from the Semester

Undergraduate Studies Petitions- includes:

  • General Education & Graduation Requirements
  • University Requirements and Credits
  • Retroactive Academic Requests

AARS Petitions-includes:

  • Course Drop
  • Withdrawal from the Semester
  • Excess Units
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Reinstatement


Graduate Student Forms


GAPE Forms- includes:

  • Change of Graduate Department
  • Add/Drop Forms
  • Grade Extensions
  • Candidacy Forms
  • Graduation Forms
  • Seven Year Limit Forms

Graduate Studies Forms- includes:

  • IRB Forms
  • Thesis Forms

Financial Forms


Bursar's Office Forms- includes:

  • Emergency Short-Term Loan Application
  • Financial Petition
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Hardship Deferment Request

Financial Aid forms- includes:

  • Student Information Update
  • Academic Progress Petitions