High Unit Seniors

The  guidelines for Presidential Directive 2009-05  regarding Graduation and Change of Major are now available on the Hub!

Check out the Requirements to Graduate and Degree Completion Contract documents for high unit seniors to the left under the picture!

This webpage is meant to inform students and advisors regarding strategies to assist our group of high unit seniors graduate in a timely manner. One of the core missions of SJSU is to provide access to higher education for all eligible students. Given the state of California's economic situation, SJSU has been forced to deny access to qualified individuals. To provide better access to qualified applicants, one of SJSU's current objectives is to assist students with excess units to graduate.

In our attempt to help seniors reach their goal of obtaining a Baccalaureate degree from SJSU, we have listed the resources below.


Presidential Directive 2009-05

Due to budget reductions and to ensure the ability of the CSU to provide access to qualified applicants, changes were made to Title 5 (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 40411) which allow SJSU to establish a new graduation policy.

  • Starting Spring 2010, any undergraduate or graduate student will not be able to enroll in additional state-supported courses when that student has already met all requirements for his or her declared degree.
  • Students who have met all requirements for graduation prior to any semester in which they are enrolled can drop all their courses, with little or no penalty, and graduate at the next available date.
  • Students who have earned more than enough units to graduate but have some remaining requirements to complete, will be advised and will not be able to register in any courses not needed for graduation.
  • All students must declare a major by the time they have earned 60 units.
  • Effective after the final day of the Fall 2009 semester, students who have earned 90 units or more may not change majors except by special permission.