Top Ten SJSU Hints for Success

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Start Smart!

Whether you're a new or continuing student, welcome to SJSU! Visit the Advising Hub and check MySJSU often for up-to-date information, deadlines, policies and guidance. Explore SJSU during the Fall Welcome Days, and get ahead with the Top Ten SJSU Hints for Success!

Top Ten SJSU Hints for Success

  1. Check MySJSU -- weekly, even daily during the beginning and end of the semester.
  2. Pay attention to deadlines -- unfortunately "not knowing" is not an excuse for missing deadlines at SJSU.
  3. Looking for a job? Visit the Career Center, find an internship, network and think outside of the box.
  4. Struggling with money? Visit the Financial Aid office in the Student Services Center to discuss your funding options.
  5. Need help with your writing? Visit Peer Connections or the Writing Center.
  6. Stay healthy! Treat yourself well: eat, sleep and exercise for Wellness.
  7. Play responsibly. Join an intramural team or a club, attend a concert or an SJSU athletic event. Fall season features football, volleyball, soccer, and others. Visit SJSU Athletics.
  8. Worried about next steps? Network with the faculty.
  9. Stressed? Nurture your positive relationships, spend time with friends, talk and talk some more.
  10. And the top hint: Visit the Advising Hub!