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Fall 2009 News

Created by and starring Dr. Dennis Jaehne, AVP of Undergraduate Studies, these eight advising related videos (under a minute each) aim to answer students' questions regarding how the budget cuts affect you.

Last day to withdraw - November 13, 2009

Because of the new policies regarding withdrawing from courses this semester, the last day to submit Petitions for Course Drop (one course) or Withdrawal (from ALL courses in the semester), is November 13, 2009! These petitions are submitted to AARS, and will not be accepted after 11/13/09 except for serious and compelling reasons that are clearly beyond your control.

Update on the WST & LLD 98/99 - 10/23/09

Many of you have already heard that LLD 98/99 will not be offered in Spring 2010. Because one of these courses is required for students who have failed the WST twice, the Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) has posted an online list of recommended community college courses for students who will not be able to enroll in LLD 98/99 at SJSU in Spring 2010. Please visit this page for more information on the WST!

Graduation and Change of Major Policies - 10/09/09

New guidelines have been released that provide detailed implementation instructions for Presidential Directive 2009-05 (Graduation and Change of Major). Given the level of funding received from the State, we are unable to continue to allow students the freedom to change their programs or add units to their programs as we have allowed in the past. For more information, visit the Presidential Directive 2009-05 Guidelines on the Hub.

Graduating High Unit Seniors

Check out the new webpage containing important information, resources and documents specifically for high unit seniors.

Graduation Policy Changes

Due to budget reductions and to ensure the ability of the CSU to provide access to qualified applicants, changes were made to Title 5 (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 40411) which allow SJSU to establish a new graduation policy. Learn more about these changes and the Presidential Directive at the AARS New Policies for Fall 2009 webpage.

SJSU receives applications from more eligible students than there is space for, thus meeting the minimum requirements may not be sufficient to gain admission to SJSU for Fall 2010. Therefore, admission will be based on several factors, such as major, local and non-local classification, academic qualifications, and success in meeting required supplemental criteria. Learn more about SJSU Impaction.

Adding Classes Myths and Tips

Fact or Myth?

  • You must be enrolled in 12 units to live in campus housing. MYTH
  • If there are chairs in the room, you can add the class. MYTH
  • Faculty are not allowing students to add because they are angry about furlough days. MYTH
  • The tuition increase should be paying for an increase in sections. MYTH
  • Asking campus administrators is the best way to get into classes. MYTH
  • Graduating students have top priority. FACT

Tips for Adding Courses After the Semester Starts

Registration Unit Cap

During the late registration period from August 24-September 11 (the last day to add), all students will be able to register up 18 units (with permission from the instructor). Students petitioning for Excess Unitsbeyond 18 are limited to 21 units, and must have a graduation application for Fall 2009 on file. Excess units must be the final units required to complete the degree during Fall 2009.

Policy Changes

There are several changes in policy this Fall which can affect you. Please familiarize yourself with these policy changes!

  • The former term "Academic Renewal", is now referred to as " Grade Forgiveness."
  • Undergraduates may only repeat 16 units for Grade Forgiveness: up to nine units can be from lower division coursework, and up to nine units from upper division coursework.
  • Grade forgiveness is an automatic process - there is no form to fill out (like the former Academic Renewal petition) to request a course be retaken for Grade Forgiveness.
  • You must still obtain an add code on the first day of classes. - you cannot add the course during advanced registration.

More about these new policies can be found at theAARS New Policies for Fall 2009 webpage.