Presidential Directive 2009-05 Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide detailed implementation instructions for Presidential Directive (PD) 2009-05 on Graduation and Change of Major.  This directive has been issued under conditions of a resource and enrollment emergency.  Given the level of funding received from the State, we are unable to continue to allow students the freedom to change or add units to their program that we have allowed in the past. The Academic Senate is also working to develop and refine policies in these areas. 


Updated Fall 2013!

Presidential Directive 2009-05 Guidelines [PDF]

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Policy Change Update for AY 2010-11

University policies passed from AY 2009-2010 are described below.

University Policy S10-6 is in keeping with the intent of the PD, though it goes beyond the specific recommendations of the PD in the areas of Probation and DQ.  S10-4 (Guiding Principles for Enrollment Management) is also relevant, particularly to change of major (see #5 as it relates to impacted majors: "SJSU recruits, admits and enrolls undergraduate and graduate students who meet the eligibility requirements determined by CSU and campus budget and enrollment parameters.  Rationale: It is recognized that financial and other resource limitations may necessitate modifications in eligibility requirements for specific programs or majors at SJSU that exceed the minimal CSU qualification standards for enrollment.").