PD 2009-05 Guidelines [HTML]

Affected Students

These guidelines apply to all students, but they primarily affect those students who have earned enough units to be within two semesters of graduation. They are particularly restrictive for students who have earned 15 units more than those required for their major program of study and especially those who have not established (and followed) an approved program for timely graduation.

Authors and Authority

PD 2009-05 states: “The Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies will publish implementation guidelines for this presidential directive by the end of September, 2009.” Undergraduate Studies (UGS) has worked in conjunction with the offices of Student Affairs, Graduate Studies and Research, the Advising Council, the Associate Deans of the colleges, and Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS) to develop these guidelines. UGS has also consulted with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate and the Senate's Instruction and Student Affairs Committee. For the Fall 2010 revision of these guidelines (V. 2.0), UGS worked with AARS, Student Academic Success Services (SASS), Graduate Studies and Research, the Associate Deans of the colleges, Office of the Registrar, and Office of Institutional Research.

Applicable Duration

PD 2009-05 is intended to remain in effect during the emergency until the President signs into effect a replacement policy developed by the Academic Senate. These revised Implementation Guidelines (V. 2.0) are effective immediately for Fall 2010 Semester (August 23, 2010).


The Guidelines implement specific provisions of PD 2009-05. Quotes (in italics) from PD 2009-05 introduce each Guideline as a reference point. The Guidelines are organized as follows:

10/8/09, Revised 10/22/09, Revised 7/23/10
Issued by Office of Undergraduate Studies
In Conjunction with Office of Student Academic Success and Academic Advising and Retention Services