PD 2009-05 Guideline 2 - Restricting Enrollment Options

Presidential Directive:Effective with registration for Spring 2010, any undergraduate or graduate student will be precluded from enrolling in any additional state-supported courses when that student has already met all necessary requirements for the degree for which that student is matriculated. Moreover, students who have met all requirements for graduation prior to any semester in which they are enrolled will be permitted to drop all courses for which they are registered, with no penalty, and to graduate at the next available date. (i.e., December, May or August)

When a major advisor identifies that a student has likely completed all requirements for graduation, the advisor notifies the Office of the Registrar. When the Registrar confirms that a student has completed all requirements for graduation, the Registrar will alert the major advisor and notify the student. If this occurs before census date for the semester, the Registrar will revoke the student's registration and arrange for the Bursar to refund fees paid in full; the student will be graduated at the earliest possible date. If a student's ability to graduate is discovered after the census date, the student will be allowed to finish the term, will be graduated at the end of that term and will be precluded from taking any further courses. Students notified that they will be graduated in a term they did not choose may appeal following the process outlined below in Guideline 7.0.