PD 2009-05 Guideline 3 - Declaring Majors

Presidential Directive:In order to facilitate graduation, it is important for students to declare a major and make changes in a timely fashion. Effective for the next application period (i.e., Fall 2010), transfer applicants must declare a major in the application for admission. Freshmen applicants may apply and be admitted as undeclared. By the end of Fall 2009, all students who have earned 60 units must declare a major, and thereafter all students must declare a major by the time they have earned 60 units. If the declared major is impacted, the student must meet criteria similar to those required of newly admitted students in the same major.

3.1 Beginning Fall 2009, all undergraduate students who have earned 60 units must be accepted into a major or their enrollment will be blocked for following terms until they are accepted into a major. Newly admitted transfer students and students returning from disqualification who are “admitted undeclared” must apply for and be accepted into a major before completing 30 new or additional units at SJSU.

3.2 Students who have been disqualified from a major and assigned to undeclared generally must be reinstated to the original major or apply to a new major by the end of the semester following the disqualification. High unit seniors who remain assigned undeclared as a result of disqualification from a major will face increasing limitations of their enrollment the longer they remain undeclared (see Section 1.0).

3.3 A student wishing to declare an impacted major must submit to the appropriate department an application to change a major no later than November 1 or April 1 (unless the department sets a different deadline), to be considered for the following semester. Students applying to an impacted major must meet the eligibility criteria set by the department for admission to the impacted major. Departments will decide admissions into impacted majors.

3.4 Students who apply to an impacted major but are not admitted should find an alternative major in the semester subsequent to being denied admission. Students who apply a second time to an impacted major will face the enrollment restrictions for high unit seniors if their second application is unsuccessful.

3.5 Adding a second major: See Section 4.1.