PD 2009-05 Guideline 5 - Failure to Make Academic Progress

Students fail to make academic progress when they cannot complete required courses in a chosen major, or when they cannot pass the WST and cannot take any other courses required for their graduation. Sometimes, students cannot make academic progress when they cannot get into a required course that is full.

5.1 Failure to Pass a Required Course: A student who has earned above 90 units and who is unable to complete a major because of failure to earn a passing grade (as defined by the major) in a required course in the major will be allowed to repeat the course, consistent with continuing to make progress toward completing the degree, unless the major department does not allow it. Repeated failure to pass a required course may result in probation or disqualification from the major and/or administrative academic probation and disqualification from the university.

5.1.1 Some majors in professional and/or technical disciplines may place students who fail to earn a passing grade in a required course, or courses, on probation in the major, leading to disqualification from the major. The major advisor can provide details. A student who is disqualified from a major, but in good academic standing at SJSU, should contact AARS for assistance in finding a new major.

5.2 Failure to Pass the Writing Skills Test: A student who is unable to graduate because of failure to pass the Writing Skills Test (WST) must take necessary steps to improve writing competency to the level required to pass the WST. A student who cannot complete remaining courses required for his/her degree because of failure to pass the WST may be placed on administrative leave for one year. This will allow the student to take appropriate coursework at a community college (or other institution) to improve writing skills before taking the WST again. A student who has failed the WST may elect to take a special session course (either ENGL 96S or LLD 96S); passing this course with a “C” or better satisfies the WST. There are no petitions or waivers to excuse a student from satisfying the WST requirement. Failure to take necessary steps to bring writing competency up to WST passing standards can result in administrative academic probation and/or disqualification from the university.

5.3 A student who is unable to graduate because of inability to get into a required class that is full should notify the chair of the department in which the course is taught as soon as possible during the add period at the beginning of the semester. If the department chair cannot add the student into the course, or find a substitute course, the student should contact the Associate Dean in that college for additional assistance. to see whether an acceptable substitute can be arranged.