PD 2009-05 Guideline 7 - Appeals of Decisions

7.1 Students may appeal any of the following decisions made under these guidelines:

  • Request to change/add a major or minor is denied;
  • Assigned to a major not of his/her choice;
  • Assigned graduation date before his/her term of choice.

7.2 This appeal must be made within one semester by filing a Petition to Appeal a PD 2009-05 Decision with the Office of Undergraduate Studies. The petition must include both an explanation and evidence of any extenuating circumstances that would justify an exception, such a health issues, military service, or similar circumstances. Appeals may also be granted based upon other justifications that do not violate the intentions of PD 2009-05. Students may be able to demonstrate, for example, that the proposed change will not extend time to graduation or that some other compelling reason exists for an exception.

7.3 The Office of Undergraduate Studies will convene an appeals panel made up of college advisors, always including a representative from the college(s) involved in the student's request for a change. This group will meet with the relevant Associate Dean(s) for full details supporting the original decision.

7.4 The Appeals Panel will evaluate the student's appeal and provide a decision in writing within three (3) weeks of receiving the appeal.

7.5 Students who appeal the assigned graduation date in order to be able to take additional courses not required for graduation must provide evidence of the added value of additional coursework as well as reasons why that exception would justify taking the units away from other students.