Helpful Hints to Getting a Full Load of Classes

Due to budget cuts, fee increases, cancelled classes and other circumstances, enrolling in a full time load of courses can be a challenge. "Full time" for financial aid is currently 12 units per semester. (Check with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for details about aid available for part-time students. Also, remember that the fee schedule "break" is at 6 units.) Most insurance companies also require 12 units, though you should check with your individual plan(s). If you are having trouble enrolling in at least 12 units, you are not alone.

Do NOT take "placeholder" classes. That strategy only takes seats away from others who need them for their degree.

This webpage contains helpful hints on how to find open classes.

  • Finding Electives
  • Finding Open Classes
  • Searching for Open Classes on MySJSU
  • Crashing Classes

Finding Electives

If you cannot get into the classes you are required to take for your major or GE requirements, you may need to enroll in elective courses. Check with your major advisor to see if there are any elective courses within your major that you may need. If you need 12 units, and your major does not require certain classes for electives, or those courses are full, you may need to enroll in any class that still has space available!

Finding Open Classes

To search for courses that may still have openings, either search on the Schedule of Classes website, or in your MySJSU account, like you did when you originally added your courses.
Note: The number of people that appear to be enrolled in each course may be incorrect if the instructor has already given out permission codes. Therefore, you should search for courses that have a high number of available seats for the best chance of finding an open seat.

Searching for Open Classes on MySJSU

  1. Login to MySJSU.
  2. Go to Add a Class under Enrollment.
  3. Select the term and click on Continue.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Check the box next to "Show Open Classes Only" if it is not already checked.

To search for a specific class:

  1. Enter in the department initials into the text box next to it (ie. ANTH or ENGL).
  2. If you do not know the department's initials, click the "select subject" green button near the top of the box and then click the green "select" button next to the department at which you want to look.
  3. Enter in the course's number in the next text box. (for example, enter 1A if you are searching for ENGL 1A)
  4. Click Search.

To search for Open GE/American Institutions Classes:

  1. Click on "Additional Search Criteria" in the green box near the bottom.
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to Course Attribute
  3. Click one of the options (General Education Core, SJSU Studies or American Institutions)
  4. If you want to find a specific requirement area, click the drop down arrow next to Course Attribute Value, and then click on the area you want to view.
  5. Click Search.

Crashing Classes

If you cannot register for the classes you need, you may need to "crash" the first day of class to see if the professor will add you.

  • Once you have found the class you would like to enroll in, you will need to write down the class meeting time and location. You will then need to attend the class, speak with the professor, and obtain an add code.
  • If you are given an add code, return to your account on MySJSU, and search for the class like you did previously.
  • Click on the green box entitled select class located next to the class section you want to add. Enter the add code given to you by the professor in the box entitled 'permission number'.
  • Proceed to add the selected class by clicking on the box entitled 'Next', and then click 'Proceed to Step 2 of 3'.
  • Review your class; if correct, click 'Finish Enrolling'.

Repeat the steps above for all classes, but do remember to complete all steps for each individual class in order for you to be completely enrolled or else there is a chance of losing your spot in that class.

In planning for the future, please remember to enroll in your courses at the beginning of your assigned enrollment appointment for best course selection. Also remember to pay your fees on time so your courses are not dropped! For more information on scheduling your courses for next semester, please visit our Schedule Creation webpage on the Hub!