Advising Videos

Several advising related videos have been created by the campus community to assist students with understanding important advising related information. More videos will be added to this page as and when they are available. Come back to see your peers, faculty, and staff in more Advising Hub Videos!


1. Probation and Disqualification

By Dr. Steve Branz , Associate Dean for Curriculum and Director of General Education in the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

2. General Education Overview

By Gisela Gray-Peoples, Advisor in Academic Advising and Retention Services.

3. First-Generation Student Experience

By Dr. Jeff Davis sponsored by the Advising Council

4. Graduate School Preparation

By Jeannine Slater, Director of ASPIRE / McNair

5. Make Every Class Count

By Dr. Maureen Scharberg, Associate Vice President of Student Academic Success Services

6. Community College Pipeline to SJSU

SJSU administrators and community college representatives discuss advising information for students who wish to transfer to SJSU

7.  SJSU Pipeline for Community College Counselors & Coordinators

8.  Fall 2013 Financial Aid Updates By Coleetta McElroy, Director of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office


Adviser Connection Series

  • Understanding Military Culture and Student Veterans - April 6, 2016
  • Going Beyond a Check box Mentality
  • Advising Student Athletes
  • Career Center - October 7, 2015
  • Admission to Graduate Project


Applying for Graduation

Learn about the importance of applying for graduation on time. You can view the 640x480 (larger) version here.



Shortcut to Success

Learn about using resources to succeed at SJSU. You can view the 640x480 (larger) version here.


The Very Determined Undergrad

Learn about the path to becoming a teacher. You can view the 640x480 (larger) version here.


The Academic Advising Game Show

Watch a game show about advising information. You can view the 640x480 (larger) version here.


Advising Videos from Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Dennis Jaehne, AVP of Undergraduate Studies, answers students' questions about the impact of the budget cuts on our students. Click on the link below to go to the corresponding video or visit the SJSU Advising Hub's Channel on YouTube. Each video is under one minute long.

  1. What is a "Super Senior" or a "High Unit Senior"?
  2. When should I see an advisor?
  3. What is the Presidential Directive?
  4. How can I best prepare for an advising appointment?
  5. What is impaction?
  6. Can I have a double major?
  7. Can I change my major?
  8. When should I apply to graduate?