BSAE Program Course Prerequisite List

C or better is required in all prerequisite classes

MATH30 - Calculus I: Satisfactory score on Math Placement Test or "B" or better in Math19

Math31 - Calculus II:                             Math30 or Math30P

Math 32 - Calculus III:                           Math31

Math 129A - Linear Algebra I:                 Math31

Math 133A - Ordinary Differential Eqs.:    Math32

Chem 1A - General Chemistry:                HS Chemistry or "C" or better in Chem10;
                                                            Co-requisite: Engl.1A

Phys 50 - Gen. Physics / Mechanics:        Math30 or Math30P

Phys 51 - Gen. Physics / Elec. & Magn.:   Phys50, Math 31

Phys 52 - Gen. Physics / Heat & Light:     Phys 51

Engr10 - Intro to Engineering:                 High School Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry

AE 15 - AE: Past, Present & Future:         None 

AE 20 - CAD for AEs:                              None

AE 30 - Comp. Programming for AEs        None

MatE 25 - Intro to Materials:                   Chem1A, Phys50, Math31

EE 98 - Intro to Circuit Analysis:              Engr10, Phys51; Co-requisite: Math133A

Engr100W - Engineering Reports:            Completion of Core GE, Pass WST,
                                                             Upper Division Standing

AE 100 - Fundamentals of AE:                  Math30, Phys50

AE 110 - Space Systems Engineering:       AE100 or AE165

AE 112 - Aero Structural Analysis I:          Math32, Phys50

AE 114 - Aero Structural Analysis II:         AE112

AE 138 - Vector-Based Dyn. for Aero Applications:   Math32, Phys50; Co-requisite: AE112

AE 140 - Rigid Body Dynamics:                 AE138

AE 142 - Astrodynamics:                          AE138, AE165

AE 157 - Aero Auto. Syst. Con. Design:     Math129A, Math133A, AE138

AE 160 - Aerodynamics I:                         Math32, Phys50; Co-requisite: E100W

AE 162 - Aerodynamics II:                        Math133A, AE160

AE 164 - Compressible Flow:                     Phys052, AE160

AE 165 - Aerospace Flight Mechanics:        Math32, Phys50

AE 166 - Rocketry                                    AE100 or AE165

AE 167 - Aerospace Propulsion:                 AE164

AE 168 - Aero Vehicle Dyn. & Control:        AE140, AE157, AE165

AE 169 - Comp. Fluid Dynamics:                Math129A, AE160

AE 171A - Aircraft Design I:           AE20, AE162, AE165, E100W, Senior in good standing
                                                   Co-requisites: AE164, AE168

AE 171B - Aircraft Design II:          AE164, AE168, AE171A, Senior in good standing
                                                   Co-requisites: AE167, AE169

AE 172A - Spacecraft Design I:      AE20, AE162, AE165, E100W, Senior in good standing
                                                   Co-requisites: AE164, AE168

AE 172B - Spacecraft Design II:     AE164, AE168, AE172A, Senior in good standing
                                                   Co-requisites: AE167, AE169

AE 173 - Design of UAV                 AE30; Co-requisite: AE168

AE 180 Individual Studies:             Upper Div. Standing or Instructor Consent

Engr.195A - Global & Soc. Issues in Engr. I:     Engr.100W; Co-requisite: AE171A or AE172A

Engr.195B - Global & Soc. Issues in Engr. II:    Engr.195A; Co-requisite: AE171B or AE172B