About Us

Tower Hall

The Accessible Education Center (AEC), formerly known as the Disability Resource Center (DRC), is one of the oldest programs serving students with disabilities in the state of California. Managed by two staff members, AEC, originally called the Disabled Students Office (DSO), was established in 1972 as a part of the campus Student Activities Office. The DSO began the work of counseling and serving students with disabilities as well as identifying architectural barriers in an effort to recommend changes to the environment that would improve access for students.

The DSO gradually grew in size and responsibility to fulfill its current mission and role. In the early 90's, the DSO changed its name to the Disability Resource Center, reflecting its comprehensive role of acting as resource to the campus as well as an entity that provides essential services to employees and students with disabilities.  In 2013, the Disability Resource Center changed its name to be known as the Accessible Education Center, to incorporate a philosophy of accessible education for students with disabilities.  The new name change reflects the broad scope of attention and support to SJSU students with disabilities and the University's continued advocacy and commitment to increasing accessibility and inclusivity on campus.  

Today the center serves over 1300 students and 120 employees with disabilities. AEC is located in four facilities across campus and works with campus stakeholders to ensure access and provide support.