Current AEC Students

Welcome to the Hub!

Students @ SJSUIf you are currently a registered AEC student, this webpage is your hub for the latest AEC service information. Students registered with AEC have met with a AEC counselor to discuss eligibility for accommodations and services based on qualifying disability documentation submitted to the AEC. Be sure to visit this webpage frequently to stay up-to-date on important AEC updates!

How do I forward email messages from my SJSU-issued email account to my preferred email account (e.g. GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc.)?

As a university, SJSU is taking steps to ensure that all communication sent to students is held secured and confidential – therefore all email communication sent to students from the AEC will be sent to your SJSU-issued email address. To assist students in this transition, AEC has created a tutorial on how to forward messages from your SJSU-issued email account to a preferred email account (e.g. GMail, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc.).

How do I request accommodations if I am already registered with the AEC?

Student accommodations must be requested each semester. Learn the request process.

Be advised that accommodation(s) received at previous institution(s) does not determine eligibility at San José State University. All course accommodations are prescribed following a review of the individual course syllabus and provided only where disability-related educational limitation(s) indicate need.  

Academic Advising FAQ

Have an academic advising question? Check out AEC's new Academic Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage!

New Equipment at the Center for Accessible Technology!

Did you know the AEC has a computer lab called the Center for Accessible Technology (CAT) located in the Martin Luther King, Jr., Library exclusively for AEC students? The lab has the latest computer equipment to keep you up to date with technology. Go there to study, learn assistive software/hardware/basic computer skills training, or just check out the 20 different plants living in the lab!