Drop-in Hours for Current AEC Students

Fall 2017 














  *Due to limited counselors available for students to meet with along with impacted schedules, the number of students AEC is able to meet with on any drop-in day will be based on the sign-in sheet and allotted time for drop in.




Please be advised the AEC will not be providing academic advising during the Fall 2017 semester.  As an alternative to academic advisement through the AEC, students can seek advisement from Campus Advising Centers. 


Information on AEC Drop-Ins

AEC counselors offer 15 minute sessions on a first-come first-serve basis to currently registered AEC students setting up test accommodations, note taking services, and other accommodations. Drop-ins are ONLY for returning AEC students and are a maximum of 20 minutes long.

  • Drop-in hours are subject to change at any time.
  • Due to staff shortage and impacted schedules, the number of students AEC will be able to accommodate on any drop-in day will be based on the sign-in sheet and allotted time for drop-in.
  • Students will be seen by the first available drop-in counselor. For students wishing to see a particular counselor, please know that the wait may be lengthy. As a result, AEC recommends you schedule an appointment if you wish to meet with a particular counselor.
  • Drop-ins are offered solely to provide quick delivery of test accommodations, note-taking services, and other accommodations to returning AEC students only.
  • Drop-in hours are not for new students or students seeking course drops or time and disability management, etc. Students requiring these services are to schedule an appointment with the AEC front desk: (408) 924-6000.
  • If you have other areas you would like to speak with a counselor about or you are a new AEC student for Fall 2016, please schedule an appointment at the front desk.

How to Prepare for Drop-ins

remember to bring your printed greensheets!

Printed copies of course syllabi or open ready to be viewed soft copies on your laptop/tablet are REQUIRED to be eligible to SIGN IN for a drop-in and to set up accommodations. You may also email WORD/PDF files of the syllabi in advance of drop-ins to aec-info@sjsu.edu. Please label the email title DROP-INS and include your name and student ID.


Review the Faculty & Student Test Accommodations Regulations 2016-2017.

While You Are Waiting

After Your Appointment

The AEC is providing you with information as a follow-up to your meeting with your counselor.  The meeting with the counselor was an interactive process where accommodations were prescribed to match your functional limitations and course(s) requirement(s).  These resources will further assist you to become familiar and comfortable utilizing and taking advantage of the prescribed accommodations.  Please click on Fast Facts for Students for this information.