How to Request Accommodations for Returning AEC Students

Students must request accommodations each semester. If you are a returning AEC students, complete the steps below to request accommodations at the beginning of each semester:

Step 1:

Attend first day of class for all registered courses.

Step 2:

Obtain syllabus (Green Sheet) for each course.

Step 3:

Schedule an appointment with a AEC counselor by calling (408) 924-6000 OR attend the DROP-IN hours to request accommodations.

Drop-in Hours

  • Arrive early; a waiting period of up to two hours could be expected.
  • Keep in mind that drop-ins are a maximum of 20 minutes long.
  • Students will be seen by the first available drop-in counselor. For those wishing to see a particular counselor, please know that the wait may be lengthy. As a result, the AEC recommends that you schedule an appointment to meet with your preferred counselor.
  • Printed copies of course green sheets (syllabi) are required to set up accommodations. You must have hard copies with you or you may email direct links to your syllabi in advance of drop-ins to  Please provide your student ID in the email.
  • Accommodations will not be prescribed without syllabi.
  • Drop-ins ARE for setting up test accommodations and note taking services ONLY for returning AEC students.
  • Drop-ins ARE NOT for academic advising, course drops, time and disability management, etc.
  • If you know that you have other areas about which you would like to speak with a counselor or you are a new AEC student for Fall 2011, please schedule an appointment with a AEC counselor.


Step 4:

Once your accommodations are approved, familiarize yourself with your responsibilities with regard to the accommodation you will be receiving: