Guidelines for Disability Documentation

The following guidelines are provided to ensure that documentation of disability submitted to the Accessible Education Center is appropriate to both verify disability and to support requests for accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids.

It is the policy of San José State University to provide appropriate accommodations to students who have documentation indicating a claimed disability as defined under The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). The following guidelines are provided to assist students in submitting clinical documentation to the Accessible Education Center:

  1. A diagnosis must be submitted on letterhead and determined by a licensed physician, primary health care provider, psychologist, audiologist, speech therapist, learning disability specialist, or other appropriate treating professional.
  2. Documentation must include an evaluation of the impact of the diagnosed condition and/or any prescribed medications on the individual. The documentation should include information regarding the manner, degree, and duration of the disability(ies) and any functional limitation(s) that are directly linked to and support the need for the requested accommodations.
  3. The Accessible Education Center has the discretion to determine the necessary professional documentation, depending upon the nature and extent of the disability as well as the accommodations requested. The University is not required to fundamentally alter or modify curriculum requirements.
  4. The receipt of services in a previous educational environment does not automatically guarantee identical services will be provided at San José State University.

The Accessible Education Center purges student files after five (5) years of inactivity in the San José State University system.