Register with AEC

AEC utilizes MyAEC as a student portal that allows students to apply online and access AEC services and accommodations. To apply with AEC, please complete the steps below that will guide you through the MyAEC student portal. If you have questions or need assistance throughout the registration process, contact AEC by phone at (408) 924-6000 or email at The AEC main office has a kiosk available in the main office for students who wish to register in person. 

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to register with MyAEC, visit the MyAEC Online Student Application Video

Step 1: 

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Apply On myAEC

Students interested in receiving accommodations and services must self-identify by submitting a student application form on MyAEC. Students can access MyAEC by clicking on the MyAEC icon on the bottom left hand side of the AEC homepage

Once on the MyAEC webpage, click on the "New Student" link on the top right hand side to create an application. Students will be taken to the Online Student Application Form and will be asked to submit indentifying information.* You must fill out the all the required fields before moving on to type in the captcha and submitting the application. 

Note: Student ID#s are issued once students have submited an SJSU admission application. SJSU email addresses are issued once students have registered and paid University fees. 

Step 2:

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myAEC Confirmation Email 

Once you have filled out the online student application and registered with the AEC, you will receive a confirmation email at your SJSU email address. This email will inform you of the next steps required to complete your registration with AEC.

Please call the AEC at (408) 924-6000 to schedule an appointment to meet with an AEC counselor. 

AEC students are registered with AEC once their disability documentation has been received and they have met with an AEC counselor. 

Step 3:

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Submit Disability Documentation

Students must submit appropriate documentation about  their disability(ies) to the AEC.  For details on documentation criteria, refer to the AEC's Guidelines for Disability Documentation.  For details on learning disability or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) documentation criteria, refer to AEC's Guidelines for Learning Disability Documentation or Guidelines for AD/HD Disability Documentation, respectively.

If you do not currently have disability documentation or your documentation does not meet with criteria specified by the AEC's documentation guidelines:

  • For students with medical disabilities, obtain documentation from the appropriate licensed professional using AEC’s Medical Disability Verification Form (PDF).
  • For students with learning disabilities, obtain documentation from a qualified professional trained in the administration and interpretation of neuro-psychological assessment or psycho-educational assessment.  Refer to AEC’s Learning Disability webpage for more information.
  • For students with visual impairments, obtain documentation from the appropriate licensed professional specializing in Ophthalmology using the Ophthalmological Certification Form (PDF).
  • For students with psychological disabilities, obtain documentation from the appropriate licensed professional using the Psychological Disability Verification Form (PDF).

Documentation can be submitted to the AEC on the day of your scheduled intake appointment or prior to the day of your appointment.  To submit documentation prior to your appointment, use one of the following methods:

  • Email documentation to 
  • Fax documentation to the AEC confidential fax line at 408-924-5999.  Call the AEC shortly after faxing to confirm receipt.
  • Mail/Hand-Deliver documentation to:

Accessible Education Center
Administration Bldg, Rm. 110
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0168

Step 4:

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Meet with a AEC Counselor

New students will need to call the AEC at (408) 924-6000 to schedule an appointment and meet with a counselor in order to complete the AEC registration process.

Students must attend their scheduled intake appointment with a AEC counselor to discuss eligibility and recommended accommodations, if qualified.  If students qualify for services / accommodations, accommodations must be requested each semester via MyAEC, and an AEC counselor will review the submitted accommodation requests and notify the student and faculty by way of SJSU email regarding any accommodation information.