Academic Accommodation

After meeting with a AEC Coordinator to determine eligibility for AEC services, Testing Accommodations may be approved and provided only in courses where disability-related educational limitation(s) indicate need.


Arranging Testing Accommodations


Student Responsibility

  • Contact your professors as soon as possible (preferably during their office hours or by appointment) to discuss accommodations.
  • Submit your Test Accommodation Form on MyAEC at least five business days prior to the actual exam date. Refer to the MyAEC How to Submit a Test Accommodation Form Youtube video for how to submit this form.
  • Submit your Test Accommodation Forms for FINALS by AEC’s published deadline.
  • Students needing to schedule an exam at an alternate time due to a course scheduling conflict or AEC Testing Center hours of operation, you must inform your professor of the scheduling change.

Faculty Responsibility

  • Respond to student request to discuss accommodations.
  • Review the MyAEC Faculty Notification Letter - Information will include: student’s identifying information, accommodation(s), additional notifications and information regarding student responsibility and action.
  • Click on the link located in the red box within the Faculty Notification Letter and complete the form.  Information must include all quizzes, midterms, exams and final exam information; include dates, times, length of exams and aids allowed. Aids not listed will not be permitted for use during the exam.  This information can only be provided once through this link (MyAEC).  Any changes will require an email to
  • You will receive an email from MyAEC when a student requests to test with the AEC Testing Center.  This email will contain information about the day and time the student requested to test.  
    If you approve of their date/time all you need to do is send the test to the AEC.
    If you do not approve of the date/ time you must inform the AEC so the student’s exam can be rescheduled.  Note: if the AEC does not receive notice from the faculty that a student may not test on a specific date/time  the AEC will administer the exam as requested by student.
    Please note  due to back-to-back classes students may need to schedule your exam at a different time from the course exam to allow for extended time.
    (Testing hours available at on the AEC Testing Hours Website.)

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Administration & Scheduling of Exams

Students using test accommodations through the AEC are responsible for taking their exams at the same time as the professor schedules the class exam. However, there may be times when the extended time, or the AEC Testing Center hours causes a scheduling conflict and a student must take the exam at a different time or on a different day.  Students are responsible to inform their professor when they take an exam at an alternate time for these reasons.

Exams are administered Fall & Spring Monday through Friday. Refer to AEC Testing Hours & Location. Test Accommodation Forms must be submitted through MyAEC 5 business days prior to each exam. All exams are administered in Industrial Studies (IS) 223 unless otherwise arranged.

Students are expected to arrive on time to the AEC Testing Center at the scheduled exam time. PUNCTUALITY is essential! Deviation from the schedule may cause disruption to other students using AEC Testing. Faculty would not allow late arrivals for an exam or quiz in class; the same courtesy applies to AEC Testing. AEC schedules proctors and exams based on need; no shows and late arrivals disrupt this process.

Student’s exam time begins promptly as scheduled. If the student has not arrived at the testing location within the 15 minute grace period for the scheduled time (determined by the clock in the testing location).  To protect the integrity of the test the student may no longer be able to test on that day. If it is determined that the student needs to reschedule, it is the student's responsibility to talk with his/her faculty to reschedule the exam. Rescheduled exams are at the discretion of the faculty.

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Course Exams

Lecture (face-to-face) and Hybrid

When faculty receive a MyAEC Faculty Notification Letter this letter indicates that the student has met with a AEC Counselor and approved the listed accommodation(s).

AEC recommends students inform faculty of  their accommodation needs following AEC approval of their prescribed accommodations. Students are advised to allow sufficient time for AEC to notify their faculty of their test accommodation(s), so faculty can prepare exam materials and deliver them to the AEC by the scheduled exam time.


AEC is providing faculty with a step-by-step tutorial on extending the testing times on Canvas that can be found by visiting the Canvas Help Center- Please note each student(s) prescribed extended times may vary as determined by an AEC counselor.

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Final Exams

Students must request their test accommodation(s) for FINALS by AEC’s published deadline.

Students submitting late test accommodation requests will be placed on a waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be scheduled according to AEC availability; AEC cannot guarantee the date or time originally requested.

  • Finals schedule will be posted approximately one week prior to finals on AEC’s homepage (click on final exam link).
  • Final exams are administered in campus various locations which will be viewable on AEC’s website.
  • AEC does not provide test accommodations on “MAKE UP” day.
  • Student’s requesting a date change after AEC’s final exam deadline must submit a an Exam Change Request form to the AEC (Admin 110).  Final exams may not be rescheduled through MyAEC.

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Pop Quizzes

Pop quizzes will be administered at the AEC Testing Center based on space availability during open AEC Testing Center hours. Due to limited testing hours and space, pop quizzes may be rescheduled to the next available date and time supporting the prescribed accommodation(s).

Other Pop Quiz Accommodation Options for Faculty Consideration:

  1. Faculty may be able to provide the prescribed accommodations and/or enlist the help of his/her department.

  2. For accommodations requiring extended time and/or a computer only, the Testing Office may be able to meet the specific times needed. Please contact the Testing Office directly at 408.924.5980 to make testing arrangements.

Faculty instructions for AEC administrated pop quizzes for students with test accommodations:

  1. Deliver/Return Pop quiz: Please deliver all pop quiz exams to AEC by 9AM on quiz day (24 hour notice preferred). The following information should be provided for each quiz:

    • Student Name and/or student ID

    • Course Number

    • Standard time allowed

    • Date & time of quiz

    • Any aids allowed

    • Method of return preferred

  2. Notify class of pop quiz: When the announcement is made that a pop quiz will be administered, the student(s) registered with AEC will leave class to complete the quiz in the AEC Testing Suite, IS 223. AEC will return the completed quiz based on the method of return indicated by the faculty when the pop quiz was delivered to AEC.

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Test Accommodations Forms

A test accommodation form is the document provided to a student to verify test accommodation approval through the AEC. Test accommodations forms are issued according to the number of exams (e.g., quizzes, midterms, finals, in class essays, and online exams) scheduled for the semester as specified by the course syllabus. Upon approval of test accommodations, a student will receive a Test Accommodation Form that is electronically signed and embossed for each class. Should additional accommodation forms be required, the student must request the
Test Accommodation Form from the AEC.

  • The Test Accommodation Form is a single sheet.

  • Students will receive a Test Accommodation Form for each test.

  • All Test Accommodation Forms submitted to the AEC require an original signature from the professor.

  • Should additional accommodation forms be required, the student must request the Test Accommodation Form from the AEC.

Accommodation Forms Sections Explained

    • Section 1: AEC counselor fills in student and course information.

    • Section 2 (Part 1): AEC prescribed accommodations based on disability-related educational limitation within the context of each specific course.

    • Section 3 (Part 2): Faculty member approves additional exam aids, if appropriate. Faculty member indicates the method by which the exam will be delivered to the AEC and the method by which the exam will be returned to the faculty.

    • Section 4 (see reverse side): Detailed description of purpose and use of Test Accommodation Form.

    • Section 5 (see reverse side): AEC office use only.

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Rescheduling Exams

Rescheduling an exam can only be done with professor approval. Make-up exams follow the policy as indicated on the individual course syllabus. Students needing to change or cancel an exam due to illness or an emergency, contact the Academic Accommodations Coordinator at (408) 924-6000 as soon as possible. Students will also need to notify the professor to negotiate an alternate time to take the exam.

If the AEC is late in obtaining an exam or a professor is late in dropping off an exam, students will receive the full allotted time. Depending on the amount of time lapsed, students may need to reschedule the exam. Note: All rescheduling requests must be approved by faculty before a new date and/or time is issued by AEC.

Student Responsibility

  • Submit an Exam Change Request to AEC online or in person. Once the request is received, it may take between 3-5 days to schedule exams requiring extended time only. Exams requiring additional accommodations such as: a reader, scribe, private room and/or other individualized prescriptions may be delayed in scheduling until the required accommodation support can be secured.

  • Students will receive an email verifying date and time of exams within 72 hours.

Faculty Responsibility

  • Contact AEC in person, by phone, memo, or email to request a make-up exam. Once the request is received, it may take between 3-5 days to schedule exams requiring extended time only. Exams requiring additional accommodations such as: a reader, scribe, private room and/or other individualized prescriptions may be delayed in scheduling until the required accommodation support can be secured. Students should verify date and time with AEC.


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Student Conduct

The AEC adheres to the University's Student Conduct Code. Students are expected to understand and follow the University Student Conduct Code. Students who violate the Code may be subject to suspension of services and formal disciplinary action brought against them.