Notetaking Services

Notetaking Services

Notetaking services are provided to students registered with the Accessible Education Center (AEC), whose disability impairment(s) prevent the student from taking notes during course lecture. Notetaking services are provided to begin to eliminate the competitive disadvantage under which the students with disabilities function; however, it is impossible to fully compensate for a disability. 

Notetaking services are provided for San Jose State University academic curriculum support only. Eligibility for this service is determined on a case-by-case basis and is a semester-long service and will be provided until the last class session. Failure to provide notes for the completed course will result in the notetaker's name being withdrawn from the priority registration list. 

Requests for priority registration will not be granted without the completion and submission of the Memorandum of Understanding, Verification, and Confidentiality Policy and Contract.

AEC must adhere to the priority registration deadline set by the University. Forms submitted after the deadline will not qualify for priority registration for the following semester; priority registration will be delayed until the following year.

The AEC provides NCR paper (carbonless paper), to assist with the service and to ensure the exchange of notes directly at the end of the class session. Any other arrangements for note exchange are between the student and the notetaker. Either the AEC student or the notetaker can obtain NCR paper in the AEC. 

Student Responsibilities

    • Students must notify their professors regarding the need for a notetaker. It is recommended students meet with the professor during the professor's office hours to inform him/her about the need for a notetaker and to present the AEC Notetaker Memorandum.

    • If a notetaker is not acquired after two attempts by the professor, the AEC student must inform the Accommodations Coordinator to request assistance in using other means to obtain a notetaker.

    • Students should speak with the notetaker if there is a problem with the notetaker or the notetaker's notes. The student may also meet with the Accommodations Coordinator to work towards a solution.

    • A student who is unable to attend a class due to a disability related reason or emergency, or for an extended period of time, must notify the notetaker. If the notetaker is not notified of the absence, the notetaker is not required to take notes. Students and notetakers should exchange phone numbers / e-mail addresses for purposes of communication.

    • Students requiring copies of the notes will work with AEC to discuss options.

    • Submit the necessary paperwork on the due date:

    1. Memorandum of Understanding/Confidentiality Policy and Contract

    2. Verification of Notetaking Services Rendered: This form must be signed by both the notetaker and the AEC student.


Notetaker Responsibilities

    • Notetakers must attend each class session until the completion of the course.  If the notetaker is unable to attend a class due to an illness or an emergency, the notetaker must inform the AEC student prior to the class time so the student can make alternate arrangements. 

    • Notetakers and students should introduce themselves and exchange phone numbers and/or email addresses.   If you are taking notes for a student who is deaf or hard of hearing, you may contact the student by email or through the California Relay Service (CRS).   Should you choose to contact the AEC student through CRS, simply call 1-800-735-2922 and the Relay Service Agent will assist you. 

    • Notetakers must maintain confidentiality as it relates to working with students with disabilities.  Please refer to the Confidentiality Policy and Contract.  

    • Notetakers using a computer to take notes are encouraged to exchange notes by email. 

    • At times, the AEC student will take some notes; continue to take notes unless otherwise directed by the student of the AEC.

    • Notetakers are encouraged to solicit feedback on the quality of their notes from the student(s) they are servicing; however, you are not expected to reformat your style. 

    • Should the AEC student miss more than two consecutive weeks, contact the AEC. 

    • Notetakers must fill out the necessary paperwork:

    1. Memorandum of Understanding/Confidentiality Policy and Contract.

    2. Verification of Notetaking Services Rendered: This form must be signed by both the notetaker and the AEC student. It is the AEC student’s responsibility to return the sign paperwork to AEC on the due date.