Priority Registration

The Accessible Education Center shall determine whether a student belongs to Category A in accordance with University Policy F09-1, Policy Recommendation, Scheduling of Advance Registration and Priority Registration effective Fall 2010. Category A students are students who would not otherwise graduate within a reasonable time due to an on-going disability, or because they perform on-going services for disabled students. The rules governing priority registration for students with disabilities are to be implemented as follows:

  • All registered students will be considered for priority registration based on the Accessible Education Center’s professional evaluation of individual needs. However, priority registration may not be an automatic or ongoing accommodation for all registered Accessible Education Center students.

  • Notetaking service providers for students with disabilities will receive priority registration the following semester after which they provided notes to one or more students with disabilities.  Completion of documentation verifying satisfactory performance of notetaking services is required for the service provider to receive priority registration.