English Placement Test (EPT)/Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)

The Accessible Education Center (AEC) collaborates with the Testing Office to administer the EPT/ELM to students register with the AEC who have a documented disability.

The EPT is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering lower-division students so that they can be placed in appropriate English composition courses. Those lower-division students who do not demonstrate college level skills will be directed to courses or programs to correct identified deficiencies. The EPT is not a condition for admission to the CSU. It should be taken only once and may not be repeated.

The ELM examination is designed to assess the skill levels of entering CSU students in the areas of elementary and intermediate algebra and plane geometry. Such skills generally are acquired in three years of rigorous college preparatory mathematics courses in the high school. Taking the ELM examination is not a condition of admission to the CSU. It is to be taken as soon as possible after admission.

  • Deadlines for testing with accommodations differ from those set by the Testing Office. The DEADLINE FOR STUDENT WISHING TO TEST WITH AEC IS ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED TEST DATE. For example if the test is schedule for February 2, 2008, students need to register with AEC for the test on or before January 2, 2008.

  • Students receiving testing accommodation will test on the Thursday before the schedule test date for the EPT and test the Friday before the scheduled test date for the ELM.

  • For upcoming test dates, visit the Testing Office.

  • Students will need to register and pay for the EPT/ELM their appointment with a AEC counselor. Students are required to bring proof of payment to the AEC appointment.

  • AEC will email a testing confirmation one week prior to the exam.

Fees & Payment

Cost to the students for taking the EPT or ELM is $18 per test. The cost for taking both EPT & ELM is $36.00. These fees are nonrefundable and subject to change.

Test fees are collected on the day of the test. Checks or money orders should be made payable to ETS-EPT/ELM.

What to Expect on the Day of the EPT/ELM

Students will receive an email from the AEC; it will specify the location and time of the EPT or ELM.  All students are required to bring a picture ID,#2 pencils, pens; other accommodations must be approved by a AEC counselor.  To avoid problems on the day of testing, all students must arrive on time and are expected to clarify accommodations or testing concerns with their AEC counselor prior to the exam date. During the administration of the exam, the administrators will monitor the timed portions of the exams to ensure accuracy of time.


The 7th Street garage (on San Salvador) and 4th Street garage (on San Fernando) have available parking on Saturdays.  The current cost for a day permit is $8.00.