AEC Academic Advisement

students in class

The AEC has one full-time Academic Advisor offering General Education and academic advising to registered AEC students. The AEC Academic Advisor works with students to:

  • develop educational plans consistent with the student’s interests, abilities, and goals
  • assist students in identifying functional limitations which could impact curriculum requirements
  • identify strategies and resources for academic support
  • counsel students towards degree completion in agreement with disability management

Specific Advisement Offered

What AEC can do:

  • general education advisement
  • change of major advisement
  • probation and disqualification status
  • admission requirements advisement

What AEC cannot do:

  • major advisement (including removing holds or changing majors); refer to advisors within your major department
  • remove holds; depending on the hold, please see the appropriate department.

How to Obtain AEC Academic Advising

 Call the AEC at (408) 924-6000 to schedule an appointment with a AEC Academic Advisor.

How do I prepare for my appointment? When seeking appointments for advisement, students must bring in copies of transcripts, grade reports, and placement test results. In order to provide accurate advisement, copies of academic records are required. If your are seeking General Education advisement, refer to the General Education webpage for important information on how to prepare for your appointment.

As an alternative to academic advisement through the AEC, students may also seek advisement from the Student Services Center's Academic Advising & Retention Services and from their major department and College Advisement Centers.

Reduced Units: If you have been advised by the Financial Aid department to obtain a AEC memo regarding enrollment in reduced units for the semester, please call (408) 924-6000 and arrange to speak with the Academic Advisor.