Alternative Media Policies

  1. Eligibility for this service is determined by the Accessible Education Center Counselor or the Director, and is based in part on the professional documentation provided by the student. Alternative media services must be requested each semester needed.

  2. Students using alternative media services must be enrolled in the course for which they are requesting alternative format.

  3. Students requesting materials in alternative formats must own a physical copy of the textbook or other course material, or obtain said materials before the CAT will begin production.

  4. Requests for materials in alternative format will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once a request is approved, the recommendation of AEC professionals and student input will be used in determining the specific media format for each academic course.

  5. Alternative format requests must be submitted as soon as the student learns of their need; late requests will be honored provided that the student making the request understands that the CAT will set the timeline for completion of the work accordingly.

  6. Turn-a-round times for alternative format requests are determined on a case-by-case basis. Upon review of material to be formatted and converted, CAT personnel will notify the student of the projected completion date.

  7. Material provided to the CAT for the purpose of conversion to alternative format may be disassembled and returned to the student in its altered condition.

  8. The CAT will not be held responsible for any damage to the materials that occur as a result of conversion to alternative format.

  9. The student will not copy or reproduce any material provided by the CAT, nor allow anyone else to do so. Misuse of this material will result in disciplinary action by the University Judicial Officer.

  10. Alternative Media provided by the CAT must be returned at the end of the semester that it was on loan. Students who do not return the borrowed alternative media by the end of the semester will have a HOLD placed on their records until the material is returned.

  11. Students preferring to retain the alternative media are to provide the CAT with NEW disks compatible with those provided by the CAT.

  12. Students will be provided with one alternative format copy for each material required for academic use. This electronic file is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed in a format other than a specialized format exclusively for use by blind or other persons with disabilities. Any further reproduction or distribution in a format other than a specialized format is an infringement.

  13. Alternative media is provided for San Jose State University curriculum support only.

  14. Alternative media will not be provided for personal use.

  15. Student questions regarding alternative format should sent to

  16. The AEC reserves the right to discontinue service if any of the above, or a combination of the above, are violated or abused.