Hours, Location & Virtual Tour

Spring 2014 Hours

*Hours are subject to change without notice.


CAT is located in room 230 on the second floor of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Library. When taking the elevator, after exiting the elevator, make a right, walk past the computers located on your right, and you will approach a large blue wall that says "Emma E. Legg Center for Accessible Technology." The sliding glass doors nearest the Emma E. Legg Center for Accessible Technology sign on the wall is the CAT entrance. 

view from elevatorView walking towards CAT after exiting elevator on second floor and making a right.

approaching atcView walking towards CAT.


view from outside ATCView walking past outside library computers towards CAT.

approaching ATCView walking past outside bookshelves to CAT. Notice blue wall with Emma E. Legg Adaptive Technology Center sign.


ATC sign

View of Emma E. Legg Center for Accessible Technology (formerly Adaptive Technology Center) sign.


entering ATC through sliding doors

View of CAT automatic sliding door entrance, room 230.


ATC front desk

View of CAT front desk and student check-in area. CAT Support Specialist, Scott Mendez, pictured.


ATC open lab

View of CAT open lab.


ATC computers and bonsai plant

CAT PC computers and Bulnesia Arborea bonsai.


ATC computers & bonsais

CAT PC computers and bonsais near window.



Brazilian Raintree bonsai and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) station (pictured left). Logwood bonsai at CAT front desk (pictured right).