Departmental Requests for Interpreting/Captioning Services

The DHOH Program provides services for curriculum and employment related requirements for students and employees who are Deaf or hard of hearing, including the scheduling of Interpreters or Captioners.

The DHOH Program further serves as a resource for the scheduling of interpreter/captioner needs of general fund and auxiliary/self-support departments. 

To request services, please email the DHOH Program at at least two weeks prior to the requested service date. Please include the following information:

  • Day and date of request
  • Description of assignment (event/meeting title)
  • Time (beginning and ending)
  • Location of assignment
  • Name of department/individual receiving services

Should SJSU/AEC services be unavailable, departments need to seek services from outside agencies.  In response, DHOH will notify you with resources.

For more information on the DHOH interpreter/captioner policy and pay rates, please contact the DHOH Program Office.